Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Say Their Third Nanny Is A 'Blessing'

As any parent who has ever hired a caregiver for their kiddo knows, finding the right one takes time. Looking for a nanny or babysitter isn't an exact science either. The struggle is even more real for first time parents. And it looks like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are realizing this too. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are parents to four-month-old Archie and have finally found their perfect nanny after three tries.

When you're in a position like they are, finding the right nanny is crucial. Because they're mega famous, privacy is important. And finding a nanny who will use their discretion and be professional, even if they know that's their job, can be hard. But it seems that this new nanny is going to be their Mary Poppins. A source tells Entertainment Tonight that this third nanny has been a "blessing" so far. They've even gone with the family to France to spend time at Elton John's house! And the new nanny gets to accompany the family on an upcoming trip to South Africa.

Because Meghan and Harry seem like pretty laid back people, you have to wonder what happened to the previous nannies. Granted, it could have been just about anything. Archie is still so little that his parents are still figuring out what works for him. But apparently one of the nannies was let go because of a "lapse in professional duties." Not sure what exactly that means, but it sure doesn't sound good! And according to the ET source, the other nanny was a night nurse, so the position was only temporary anyway.

For Harry and Meghan, finding the right nanny for Archie is "deeply personal" as reported by The Sun. And making that decision is incredibly personal. The nanny is apart of everyone's lives, not just Archie's. So it's important that she have a good relationship with Harry and Meghan and those close to them. And we can only imagine what kind of NDA (non-disclosure agreement) anyone has to sign. That in and of itself can make it hard to find someone good. But we're glad they've found someone they love!

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