Meghan Litchfield, Creator Of Clothing Company RedThread, Is Changing The Way Women Buy Clothes


For women, shopping for clothes can be an exhausting process. This is especially true for moms; after having children, our bodies are definitely not the same as they were before. But the thing is, most clothing companies are not designing clothes for actual women’s bodies. That’s why it’s so frustrating, we’re buying clothing designed as “one size fits all,” but in reality, that doesn’t exist. A size 10 at one store can be cut like a size 14 at another. Or for those of us that are tall or short, things aren’t cut the way we need them to be. Meghan Litchfield understood the frustration that women face when trying to buy clothing that not only fits, but fits well. And that’s why she created RedThread, a revolutionary new clothing brand.

Meghan, who is a mom of two herself, heard her friends complaining about how hard it is to find clothes in stores. Almost every time, their complaints were focused on fit. If something fit lengthwise, then there’d be a weird gap at the waistband. Or the thighs would be baggy, but it would be tight around the ankles. There was no consistency. Thinking that it shouldn’t be so hard to find a simple pair of pants, the seed was planted. There had to be a better way to make clothes that actually fit. And make it in a way that didn’t involve hours of trying on dozens of pieces of clothing that didn’t fit to find one or two pieces that did. Because what busy mom has the time or energy to be a store for that long trying on pants?

“My biggest inspiration (before launch) was all of the moms in my life, who carry a superhuman power to juggle so many priorities and somehow manage to get it all done. The many stories about how hard it is to find clothing that fits, and how badly that makes us feel about our bodies, inspired me to solve it,” Meghan explained in an exclusive interview with Moms.

RedThread Ankle Pant in action

So, Meghan set out to figure out the ways to rebuild women’s fashion from the ground up. The question: how can we make women’s clothing fit the individual woman wearing it and not just be an arbitrary set of numbers? Armed with a background in e-commerce, she talked to clothing makers to get to the root of sizing, and figure out how and why the traditional model is failing women every day. RedThread was born after a year of research and development to reimagine how clothing can be made. But reimagining how the clothing industry works is scary. Naturally, she had concerns about how it would all work out. “It took 4 years from the inception of RedThread to finally quit my job and go for it,” she explains.

RedThread officially launched at the end of October, and now that the site is live and people are getting to try out this new shopping experience, the fear of the unknown has lessened. “Now that women are loving our product and shopping experience, the fear of failure gets smaller every day, but it is always there,” she admits. But she need not worry, because she is onto an awesome idea here.

So, how does it all work? Well that’s the coolest part. Because fit is often the problem with women’s clothing, RedThread puts much of the focus on making sure that first and foremost, your clothes fit well.

And they do that by creating a customized item of clothing for every individual. When you go onto the website, you’re guided through a questionnaire that asks you about the issues you have with conventionally made clothes. So if you often have a gaping waistband on your pants, or your shirts and jackets are always tight in the shoulders, you can make note of all those issues. Then, you receive a link to take full body images with your phone. Once those pictures are submitted, the fit is analyzed and a custom garment is cut and made just for you. The best part? You’ll have it in approximately a week.

Ahead of the launch, we were able to try out the process. It is incredibly easy and takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. The questions are straightforward and the instructions are clear. You may have to retake your full body pictures, but it’s really an easy process. When your item(s) are ready, you are provided with all the shipping information to track your package and that’s it. And it really did take about a week from start to finish. Usually it takes longer than that for custom tailored clothing items.

Right now, RedThread consists of four everyday staple items: The Essential Ankle Pant, The Essential Wide Leg Pant, The Snap Jacket, and The Tee. The items are pricey, The Tee, which is the least expensive is $78, the pants are $148 and the jacket is $168, but if you can afford them, they’re totally worth it. We got the Essential Ankle Pant, and it is one of the best pairs of pants. They’re versatile, which means you can wear them to a work meeting, for date night and to the playground. They’re comfortable, and easy to clean. So you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning or anything like that.

“We want to rebuild women's wardrobes, piece by piece, and get the classic, essential styles that every woman needs, exactly right. We want to become your favorite pieces that go with everything and can be worn everywhere,” Meghan notes.

RedThread ankle pant on the go

In the weeks since receiving the ankle pant, they’ve become a wardrobe staple. They’re easy; you can just grab them, put them on and don’t have to give it a second thought. When you’re a mom who needs to be running out the door because everyone is late again, you don’t have time to stand in front of your closet forever looking for a pair of pants that fit. RedThread is taking all of the guesswork out of clothing, while still giving you timeless staples that go with things you already own.

“We are on a mission to change women’s relationship with clothing. We want to help ourselves feel a bit better about our bodies, and make our lives a little bit easier, so we all have one less thing to worry about and can focus on what is really important.”

When prodded, Meghan admitted that they were planning to expand the line in the future (hopefully to include dresses as well.) She didn’t divulge any details, but says that there will be new clothing items in time for spring. We are absolutely looking forward to what comes next!

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