10 Medical Exams Women Should Be Getting On A Regular Basis

Being a mother is not just about our family’s needs. Though being a parent can be a big part of your identity, you need to realize that you need to take care of yourself so you can live a long, happy life.

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Though you might not want to take time out of your already busy schedule to go to the doctors, you need to set an example and take care of your body, like you are teaching your kids to take care of theirs. So keep reading to discover ten medical exams that you should be getting on a regular basis.

10 Mammograms

Many ladies know that in their mid-forties they are going to need to get mammograms to get their breasts to check for any growths that can develop. According to EverydayHealth.com, that if your family has a past history of breast cancer then you are going to want to inform your doctor to discuss getting a mammogram.

This is because family members pass down genes to their children and you want to make sure that if there is anything that is not growing and you are remaining healthy.

9 Dental Screening

An important part of our bodies that we use every day and do not think a lot about is our teeth. As we get older it is important for us to keep up with regular dental screenings.

RealSimple.com states that every six months you should be getting a dental screening and cleaning from your dentist to make sure your teeth are healthy and strong. Keeping up with dental exams can help prevent cavities which affects our overall health. Keep your teeth healthy and get them examined by your dentist twice a year!

8 Eye Exam

Our eyes are important, they help us see everything out in the world. But our eyes will not always be perfect and many people need to wear glasses or contacts to help them see every day.

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HealthLine.com says that even if you have ad perfect vision throughout your life you might start to realize that your eyes can still change and decrease no matter what age. If you notice that you are not seeing things close up or far away as clear as you once were, do not worry, and just go to an eye doctor so they can give you an exam.

7 Cholesterol

female doctor checking female patient's heart

Getting your cholesterol examined on a regular basis can not just help your overall health, but it focuses on your heart-health. The foods you eat directly impact the health of your heart and your cholesterol.

WedMD.com states that cholesterol exams take a look to see if cholesterol is sticking to your blood vessel walls since your blood vessel walls can cause blood clots or even heart attacks when blood cannot flow to and from the heart. Your heart needs to be healthy and strong to work and let you live a long and happy life!

6 Skin/Mole Check


The biggest organ we have is our skin. Our skin is the first defense against everything from the weather, U.V. rays, bacteria, and everything else. RealSimple.com urges everyone to make sure to get skin exams, especially for people who have experienced a lot of sunburns or tans in their lives.

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Many of the sun’s rays can weaken our skin and we can develop skin cancer. Additionally, if you have any moles that have formed you are going to need to get them checked out as well. Make sure to talk to your medical professional if you have any concerns for a mole or mark on your skin.

5 Immunizations

Doctor giving an injection to the patient at hospital

A big myth that many people believe in is that you only need to get shots and immunizations when you are a baby and child. Though that is when you are going to need to get many of them to be able to live a long life, it doesn't stop after you are a kid. MedlinePlus.gov mentions that throughout your life there are going to be immunizations that you are going to need to get.

For example, every year you are going to need a flu shot to prevent getting sick. You also need to keep up the varicella vaccine if you did not have the chickenpox when you were younger.

4 Blood Pressure

Something that can raise when we are emotional and can be affected based on your lifestyle is blood pressure. Blood pressure is something that many people struggle with every day.

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According to EverydayHealth.com, a person who has high blood pressure is going to be more at risk for heart design and strokes because it puts more strain on your arteries and heart. If you have high blood pressure, talk to your doctor and they can give you advice on how to manage it and put you on medication to help lower it.

3 Blood Sugar

Many people associate blood sugar tests with diabetes. If you have Type 1 diabetes than you have always tested your blood sugar. But if you do not have to check your blood pressure due to diabetes then Healthline.com reports that as we get older the food we put into our bodies can affect our blood sugar.

You need to make sure that our blood sugar is not too low or too high. Getting your blood sugar examined once a year can help make sure you are getting the right amount of sugar your body needs to function.

2 Pap Smear

woman taking to doctor

Something that might cause you a little discomfort when getting it is a pap smear. But getting a pap smear is necessary for all women to help ensure a healthy cervix. WedMD.com mentions that getting a pap smear can “protecting you from cancer and diseases that can cause infertility.”

If you are trying to have children then this is necessary to make sure that you are healthy. Additionally, getting a pap smear regularly will help catch any growth and the earlier your doctor can catch a growth forming they faster they can act on it.

1 Physical Exam

woman doctor

Every year you take your little ones to get a physical exam with their pediatrician. You might think that you are not a little kid and developing then you might not need to get a physical exam for yourself, but that is wrong. HealthLine.com states that everyone needs to get a physical exam every year even if you consider yourself “healthy.”

Getting a physical exam can help your doctor see how you are doing and help prevent diseases keep growing in your body. Make sure that you are getting a physical exam every year.

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