Girl's IV Teddy Bear Invention Could Make Hospital Visits So Much Easier For Kids

Hospitals are overwhelming, especially when you're a patient. For children, hospitals are so scary. It's all beeping machines, a constant stream of doctors and nurses, and being poked and prodded with needles and such. Many kids, especially the ones who spend a lot of time in the hospital, get tired of their predicament. So anything that can be done to make their days a little brighter are welcome. There's a young girl out there who is trying to make lives better with her new invention for hospitals.

Ella Casano is a 12-year-old girl who has invented the Medi-Teddy, which would greatly improve the hospital experience for kids. It's a teddy bear that doubles as an IV cover, which makes any hospital room slightly less dreary. Casano knows a thing or two about being stuck in a hospital. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura, at age seven. Her disease affects platelets, meaning her blood doesn't clot properly. As a result, she has to receive treatments via IV every eight weeks.

It's her constant experience in the hospital that led her to create the Medi-Teddy. She understands how difficult it can be for young kids who spend a lot of time in the hospital.

"When I had my first infusion, I was surprised and a little bit intimidated by the look of the amount of tubing and medical equipment on my IV pole. As I saw more and more children experiencing the same feelings, I became more interested in creating a friendlier experience for young IV patients, so I created Medi Teddy," she writes on the website for the device.

The Medi-Teddy looks like a regular teddy bear. Except the back has a mesh pouch where the IV bag is going. So the kids being treated don't have to see whatever fluids are in the bags. But the medical staff will still be able to see and check the bags. It's a nice break from the cold, sterile environment of most hospitals.

Ella got the idea to start a GoFundMe to raise money to make more. She got a patent and a company to make the teddies. Planning to give away the 500 teddies made, she set the goal for $5,000. In 10 days, the amount raised is quadruple the original goal.

Hopefully, this means that Ella will be able to make plenty of the Medi-Teddy for kids all over. It's clear that she's all about helping her fellow sick kids.

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