This Handy Chart Shows How You Should Be Portioning Your Meals

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Maintaining a healthy weight is typically a priority for most parents. It's important to set good examples for children and that includes eating well balanced meals as well as getting in some form of exercise at least three days a week.

However for many parents weight loss is also a goal. We've seen the rise in numerous diets such as Keto, Paleo and other ways of eating that many people have found success in. While eating healthy and exercising is the key to healthy living, if you're looking to lose weight health professionals, regardless of what way of eating they support, will tell you that portion control is key.

Many people assume that if they're eating fruits and vegetables they can eat as much as they want. After all, we're told constantly that eating clean is the best way to eat. However, many fruits and vegetables are loaded with sugars and carbs, so even though you may think you're making a healthier choice by choosing fruit over junk food, you may still be sabotaging your diet.

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An online fitness coach named Hamaad, who goes by the instagram handle iqphysique96 recently posted a handy chart that perfectly illustrates exactly how much a 'portion' is. Many might be surprised to find out just how much more they've been eating than is recommended.

The chart shows individuals trying to lose weight how to measure portions simply using their hand. A typical portion size for your protein should only be about the size of your palm, whereas a typical portion size for your veggies the size of your fist. Your carb intake should only be about one or two handfuls of pasta, rice or whatever other carb you choose.

Probably most shocking is that a portion of fats, which include nuts or avocado is only about the size of a thumb. Looking at a chart like this and it's easy to identify where someone may be sabotaging their own weight loss goals simply by overeating, even if it is healthy foods.

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Hamaad does suggest that there are some variations on the chart, especially dependent on your size to begin with. If you're on the larger size you may need to eat more, while if you're smaller you should be eating less.

The chart is a wake up call to many who have been struggling with their attempts to lose weight. It also helps parents know just how much their kids needs to be eating and what they need to be eating to fuel their bodies.

Portion control is a very important part of a healthy diet and this handy chart lets you know exactly how you should be preparing your meals in the future.

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