The Viral 'Baby Name Chalkboard Meme' Mom Is Back With Another Name Reveal

The iconic “Baby Name Meme” mom is back with another unexpected name reveal, and if you have no idea what we’re talking about, we’re gonna get you caught up on the hot gossip, and updated so that you’re in the “know.”

People of the internet, fellow parents, and strangers have passionate opinions about what you choose to name your child, whom you will be giving birth to and raising, and they need you to know how they feel about it or else they will die. Or, so you’d think if you were to take a look at some of the comments lifestyle blogger McKinli Hatch received in 2012 with her viral chalkboard baby naming photo.

McKinli Hatch "Baby Name Meme Mom" viral chalkboard baby name reveal photo
Credit: Instagram / @mckinli

Hatch was the proud mother of a son with a unique name, Titan, and wanted to follow the tradition with his soon-to-be sister, and the name that won was Lakynn, which they later changed to Laikynn.

Internet mockery is unfortunately the price many bloggers and influencers on social media have to pay for making their lives so public. If you look at Hatch’s Instagram account, you’ll get an eye full of an undoubtedly fit, hot, and put-together mom in smiley pictures of her seemingly perfect life. Hatch’s name reveal was the perfect opportunity for her haters, lovers, and random internet spectators to weigh in on.

McKinli Hatch "Baby Name Meme Mom" who went viral Instagram page

Hatch has a pretty good sense of humor about it all, telling Buzzfeed, "Some of the memes, and even comments on the memes, are pretty funny and I can laugh along with them.” She even recreated the photo with her son, Tatum. She went on to have another son, Madden, who went sans name reveal since Hatch and her husband, Devan, decided to not find out the gender until he was born.

McKinli Hatch "Baby Name Meme Mom" viral chalkboard baby name reveal photo
Credit: Instagram / @mckinli

According to Hatch, the baby name reveal photo of her daughter still garners comments and re-dos of memes featuring people like Khloe Kardashian and Donald Trump even 7 years later. The attention she received, however, is something she wants to keep from her daughter for as long as possible, "I don't plan on showing her it or introducing her into the social media world for a while," she told Buzzfeed. "I want to raise a strong, confident girl who doesn't need to be validated by others' opinions or torn down by the internet. We all know there is too much of that going on right now." Amen to that, sister.

In a move to make fun of the whole ordeal, and as a sort of clap-back, Hatch recently posted a recreation of the name reveal photo which has gone gang busters on the internet with the newest addition to her family, an adorable doggo named Maverick. She captioned the photo with, “Hey internet, how did I do this time!? 😏” and said, after receiving messages and comments about what she planned on naming her pupper, “I assume most people were being a little facetious when asking the question, so I figured I better ask the internet if I made the right choice since they were so concerned about my previous name selections.”

McKinli Hatch's chalkboard baby name reveal for her new puppy has gone viral
Credit: Instagram / @mckinli

“Other peoples' opinion of me (or my choices) is really none of my business," Hatch says. "Some people will like the name selection and some won't, but either way I love my children's names that I chose and that is really all that matters."

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