Parents Warn Of Danger After Their Daughter Is Electrocuted In Family Pool

Now that the hot weather is here children across the countries are spending their days swimming in backyard and public pools. While most of the warnings issued to parents surrounding pool and water safety are about how to watch for signs of drowning, a Sacramento family is warning of a different danger after the tragic death of their almost 10-year-old daughter.

This Sunday McKenzie Kinley died after being electrocuted in her father's swimming pool, a tragic accident her parents are speaking out about publicly in the hopes of preventing this kind of accident from happening to other children. McKenzie's father, Cliff Kinley, told CBS 13 that it was on Sunday when his daughter asked if she could go swimming in his backyard pool."I said, ‘okay, baby, you go swimming,'" her father recalled to the news station.

Cliff Kinley was out running errands while his girlfriend was at the house, watching McKenzie, her younger sister, and two other friends in the pool. It was then that Kinley received the phone call every parent dreads. "‘They’re doing chest compressions right now, and we don’t know what happened.’ It was the most devastating phone call I’ve ever received," he said. Firefighters tried to revive McKenzie on the scene but were unable to. "It appears there was a light that was being repaired" which the girl had apparently touched, police spokesman Lt. Kris Frey told Fox News.

Credit: GoFundMe / Help Mckenzie’s Family with their devastating loss

It seems that McKenzie was electrocuted after grabbing on to one of the lights in the swimming pool that was under repair. "As much as we know, she grabbed the pool light, and it electrocuted her,” Cliff Kinley told CBS 13, before adding that the tragedy could have been even greater. "Thank goodness it didn’t get anyone else because there were four other children in that pool."

McKenzie's mother, Lisa Moore, said the family is sharing their devastating story in the hopes of preventing any other family from suffering the same grief they are experiencing right now. A family friend has set up a GoFundMe account to help the family with the funeral costs. Moore was a single mother who had recently gone back to school to become a nurse. She graduated last month and the GoFundMe described McKenzie as " her entire world."

"If nothing comes from losing my daughter, at least this could save others," Moore said through sobs.

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