Your MBTI Based On Your Parenting Style

Parenting is the hardest job out there. Being in charge of the wellbeing and development of another human being is a gargantuan task. Every family is different so is every parent. Your individual personality will affect how you raise your kids.

Have you ever wondered what your Myers-Briggs type says about you as a parent? Read on to see how each personality type approaches raising babies.

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16 The Logician (INTP)

As a parent, you know exactly what matters to you. You want to hand down everything you know then watch your kids learn even more. Your goal is to raise independent, strong, capable people who can handle anything on their own. You're a deeply caring person but you may struggle to show it.

Your logical nature can make your emotions hard for others to read. You're an INTP who respects their kids and supports them no matter what.

15 The Academic (INTJ)

You're comfortable giving your kids space to be themselves. You don't wear your heart on your sleeve. You're not outwardly very affectionate but you're passionate about your children.

You want to raise intelligent and deep thinkers. As an INTJ you believe in your kids and your expectations are high. You know they're capable of greatness and you're there to cheer them on all the way.

14 The Executive (ENTJ)

You push your kids to be their very best. You stop at nothing to provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

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You're a disciplined and productive person and you try to instill that in your kids. You want your kids to inherit your drive and ambition. You know they're capable of great things if you just push them hard enough.

13 The Innovator (ENTP)

You believe every moment is a teachable moment. You want your kids to spend their lives learning and growing.

You have a full plate and sometimes struggle to find the time for your kids. You've got a thirst for life and enthusiasm that you use to encourage your kids. You love to see them thrive while you cheer.

12 The Protector (INFJ)

You're an extremely affectionate parent. Your kids know just how much you love them. You may even struggle with disciple at times because of your loving nature.

You're also extremely protective. You're the real mama bear. You may use your communicative nature to gently coerce your kids into doing the right thing. You're a warm and fuzzy kind of parent and it shows.

11 The Believer (INFP)

You know exactly which ideals you believe in and you want to pass those values onto your children. You provide a warm and loving home that may be light on rigid structure.

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You want your children to grow into moral and compassionate people. You know they'll make the right choices if you can teach them the right values.

10 The Giver (ENFJ)

Your generosity knows no bounds. You want to be as supportive as possible. For you, it's all about making your kids feel as loves as you can.

You never want them to feel like they came second. Discipline can be challenging for you as you never want your children to be unhappy.

9 The Cheerleader (ENFP)

Your home is always exciting. Your passion and creativity shine through. You want to stimulate your children's development with a wide range of experiences.

You may find you're a little bit disorganized because your interests are so diverse. That can throw kids off but your enthusiasm for parenthood makes up for it.

8 The Devoted (ISTJ)

Your commitment to your children is above question. You devote your life to their careful and structured development. You care about your children being productive as adults.

Giving back matters to you. You don't wear your warmth on your sleeve but your actions prove how much you care.

7 The Natural (ISFJ)

You provide a warm and structured home for your kids. You care about them blending in and finding a place for themselves in the world. You want them to fit in and have an easy time moving through life.

You're nurturing and affectionate nature makes you a great parent. You're always there with the perfect balance of concern, love, and support. You may have a hard time if you have to watch your child struggle.

6 The Coach (ESTJ)

You know exactly what matters to you as a parent. You have high standards and high expectations for your kids. You're proud of the genes you passed down to them and you know your kids are capable of greatness. You may be seen as a strict parent especially if you feel your child isn't putting in their maximum effort.

Your kids know they can faithfully depend on you for anything, even if you may be disappointed or frustrated. You'll stop at nothing to make sure their needs are met.

5 The Lover (ESFJ)

You love your kids to the moon and back. You'll get in anyone's face to protect them. It might be hard for you to find any flaw in your perfect baby. Directly disciplining your kids is hard for you too. You know how wonderful they are.

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You've been eager to love your children and nurture them since you first decided to become a parent. You want to make sure that your kids always know exactly how loved they are.

4 The Laid-Back (ISTP)

You're perfectly comfortable letting your co-parent take the reigns. You don't need to be in control to be happy. You're not obsessed with rigid rules or structure. You're laid back and ready to go with the flow.

Your kids know that they'll never be judged for being themselves. You provide a fun home that allows your kids to relax. One on one time with your kids is your forte. You know exactly how to make your children feel special and valued.

3 The Softie (ISFP)

You don't hold your kids to sky-high standards or expectations. You're happy to let them set their own pace. You're an easygoing parent who supports their kids no matter what.

No matter how much your opinions differ from your kids, you're there with open arms to always accept them. You crave adventure and love to have fun with your children. You're active and dig right into the messy joy of raising kids.

2 The Mover (ESTP)

You're the perfect parent to teach your children how to roll with the punches. You don't set a lot of rules and guidelines out. You prefer to live in the moment. Your temper may be a bit shorter than most but your kind words make sure your kids know that they're loved.

Others see you as a giving and nurturing parent. You love to teach your kids as much as possible at breakneck speed.

1 The Entertainer (ESFP)

Your kids don't have to look far for a good time. You're a lighthearted and fun-loving parent who knows how to make kids laugh. You aren't afraid to spoil your kids with other the top parties and plenty of gifts.

You also shower them with your love and affection. Your attitude toward discipline may change. One day you're more relaxed but the next you're taking in the slack.

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