Mayor Leaves Children In Tears After Telling Them Santa Is Too Busy To Bring Them Gifts

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Amidst the joy of Christmas, there are always a few Scrooges out there. But no one expects the mayor of the town to be the one to quash a kid's yuletide dreams, especially not at the local Christmas tree lighting.

Unfortunately, that's what happened in the U.K. city of Rushcliffe, in Nottinghamshire, and little kids and their parents were just devastated.

The mayor, Christine Jeffries, looks a bit like Mrs. Claus, but don't let that fool you. She was just supposed to do the countdown for the tree lighting, but like most politicians, she couldn't resist making a speech.

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Instead of toasting the season, the Daily Mirror reported that Mayor Jeffries decided to talk to the kids about how Santa needs his helpers. No, she wasn't referring to the elves. She actually told little children that Santa would be too busy to deliver their presents on Christmas Eve, so the parents have to give him a hand.

She went on to say that if they hear any noise in the night, not to worry, because it's just mom and dad putting out the presents. She might as well have said, "You'll shoot your eye out, kid."

Plus, that's totally crazy because, of course, Santa is magic. He can make the trip around the world for each child in plenty of time, thanks to his swift reindeer. Also, any noise that interrupts a child's dream, is Santa stubbing his toe while he grabs a cookie and washes it down with milk.

Kid at tree lighting
Credit: The Journal

All of the townspeople were horrified by the mayor's comments, and we are pretty sure that she is going to have to do some major campaigning, to get back in their good graces. It's going to be hard to win re-election when you have left babies crying, at what is supposed to be a town celebration.

Apparently the event ended in fireworks, but we're certain that some more heat was added, when parents got a chance to tell the mayor what they thought of her speech.

The Christmas season is all about believing in miracles and spreading joy, but it seems like the mayor may have gotten confused with the Grinch down in Whoville, before his heart grew three sizes.

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