Maury Povich's New Board Game Wants You To Prove That YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!


Oprah may have changed the way the nation looks at daytime TV, but shows like Jerry Springer and Maury scandalized Americans' mornings when their shows came on the TV scene 28 years ago. They made topics like infidelity and out-of-control children entertaining, as opposed to taboo. Anyone familiar with the Maury Povich show can tell you that there is one topic that has stood out more than the rest; this topic matter is still going strong as the show starts its 22nd season.

The name Maury Povich is synonymous with the words paternity testing. That's why his decision to make this popular topic a board game is no surprise to fans. Fans of Maury Povich's show find themselves on the edge of their seats waiting to find out test results. If you like to make a game of guessing whether or not some lucky (or unlucky guy) is the father, you will love playing this game. The Maury Game: You Are Not The Father, includes mature content and is intended for adult fun only!

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The game is pretty simple to play. The biggest component of the game are the cards with the words "DNA" on them, as well as, actual quotes from the show. Players pick a card and read the quote. The quote either gains them popularity or not. Gaining popularity helps you to move forward in the game, while losing popularity causes you to have to take steps back. On the TV show, the more obnoxious, controversial, sweet, or sincere quotes gain the most favor from the audience. The same applies for the quotes when playing the game. The ultimate goal of the game is not to be the father and the person who advances through it the fastest, wins and the person that loses is the father.

So if you love a good scandalous talk show or if you just love a good board game, you'll be able to purchase this game exclusively on Amazon starting on Wednesday, Nov. 27. If it's not your scene, but you know someone who would love it, it will be available just before the holidays to make that special person's paternity guessing dreams come true!

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