10 Kids Movies That Are More Mature Than They Seem

It’s important for families to have movie nights sometimes. After all, there are a lot of great things that kids can learn from movies that are supposed to be fit for people of all ages.

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But there are also times when parents are surprised at what they sometimes hear and see in films like this. In fact, there are a lot of children’s movies that have some surprisingly mature content in them.

Sometimes that just means that the characters in the film deal with some tough situations. Other times it means that there are some very mature jokes in them.

10 The Lion King

This film is a classic Disney movie. But just because Disney is attached to it doesn’t make it a movie that only kids will understand.

There are actually a lot of themes in this film that only adults usually understand. The Lion King features quite a few mature events, including death.

Then, one of the main characters, Simba, gets framed by his uncle, who forced him to run away and then tried to have some other animals harm him. Simba’s life is full of drama and watching it as an adult is much different than watching it as a child.

9 The Little Mermaid

There are a lot of iconic animated characters, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid is definitely one of them. After all, she is a beautiful mermaid who has an gorgeous voice.

There are numerous fun songs featured in the film, so it’s not surprising that kids love watching it. But there are a few extremely mature things in it.

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For example, Ariel is kind of selfish. She signs her voice away to a monstrous villain (Ursula) just so she can be with someone she has not even met yet. Also, she doesn’t care how anyone else feels, including her father.

8 The Toy Story Series

Anyone who grew up in the 1990’s watched the Toy Story films at least once. Each of them are great, but there are a lot of things in those movies that children wouldn’t understand.

This is especially true when it comes to the third installment in the series, which basically tells viewers that it is unrealistic to expect things to last forever, and everyone either ends up getting abandoned, or they are the ones abandoning someone else.

That’s fine for movies that are for an older audience, but it’s odd for this to be a part of a children’s movie.

7 Beauty And The Beast

This film is a classic, but that does not mean that it is entirely appropriate for children. There are a lot of messed up, strange things in that movie.

Firstly, Belle is captured by the Beast, which is weird enough. The film almost seems to make this a romantic thing, which is wildly inappropriate considering that most of the people who watch the movie are young kids.

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Oh, that’s not the only mature thing about this children’s movie. Gaston cannot take no for an answer, so he is incredibly pushy. Also, he talked about sending her dad away to an institution.

6 Finding Nemo

A lot of animated movies become massively popular, and parents typically don’t think twice about letting their children watch them because movies that are made for kids seem harmless. But some of them aren’t as innocent as they seem.

A good example is Finding Nemo. Overall, the story is very heartwarming, but some parts of it are just too scary.

There is one scene in it that is a reference to the classic horror film The Shining. During this scene, a shark named Bruce goes after Dory and Marlin, and he gets stuck in something, and he shouts “here’s Brucey!”

5 Up

Numerous animated movies are bright and colorful, which can be a welcome distraction from some of the storylines that aren’t very cheerful. One of those movies is Up, and apparently the color pink played an important role in the film.

The two main characters, Carl and Ellie, have the most beautiful relationship one can imagine. But the film gets sad when they find out they cannot have children. Then, Ellie passes away after they have grown a bit older.

Also, all the scenes with Ellie have a pink shade to them. When she passes away, the color goes away, too.

4 Home Alone

The Home Alone films are always fun to watch when the holidays are just around the corner. But the first installment in the series actually has a lot of things in it that are not appropriate for kids to see or hear.

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For instance, Uncle Frank is not exactly friendly. He is very rude to the main character, Kevin, on multiple occasions. In addition, what makes it even worse is the fact that no one does anything about it.

Even Kevin’s parents never put a stop to his behavior. Also, Kevin gets blamed for things that he did not do.

3 A Bug’s Life

Sometimes, two movies with very similar stories are released during the same year. In 1998, Antz and A Bug’s Life came out.

Some moviegoers noticed that Antz had some mature situations in it. But the same is true for A Bug’s Life.

There are a few expletives that can be heard in the film, which was surprising for some parents when this movie came out. Also, children’s movies aren’t typically associated with anything violent.

But this movie is different. There’s a scene where some of the characters are looking at a leaf that depicts a violent image involving other insects.

2 101 Dalmatians

There are a lot of very questionable themes in many of the films children enjoy. This is even true for the live action version of the film 101 Dalmatians.

In the movie, Cruella de Vil is a character that loves real fur. In fact, she loves it so much that she wants to steal a bunch of puppies just so that she can wear their fur.

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Also, she loves the black and white fur dalmatians have. She even makes a joke about this to Anita, saying that it would be hilarious if she were wearing the fur Anita’s dog has.

1 The Incredibles

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Incredibles 2. Apparently, some viewers thought it was a bit inappropriate for children during one or two scenes.

But this isn’t new. The first film in the series also featured some content that only adults would have understood.

For example, there is a scene that shows the front of a newspaper. The article that is on the front of it is about someone who may have used their superpowers to spy on innocent people.

Also, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl share some witty banter. But sometimes they also get a little flirtatious.

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