Matthew Perry Is Apparently In Love With Courtney Cox IRL & We Can't Handle It


There is so much happening this week for Friends fans that it's enough excitement to truly make your head spin. Yes, all of our Friends dreams are coming true and everything is happening all at once.

First, there is (finally!) and confirmed Friends reunion show on the works and we cannot wait to see what the group of friends have been up to all these years and hopefully they are all lead back to Central Perk for some coffee.

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Now, we have gotten words that the relationship of our dreams, Chandler and Monica, may not just be an on screen only thing after all. Not fake news.

While rumors about Courtney Cox and Mathew Perry dating off-screen have floated around for many years, a source recently told Us Weekly that, "Matthew's always been in love with her."

Wow. Just wow.

Cox, who was married to David Arquette for fourteen years and is in a current six-year relationship with Johnny McDavid, it seems like Perry may have just never gotten the change to make a move with his former on-screen love.

But it gets even better: the source also reported that "Matthew has never fully been able to get over her." That's a pretty big statement if you ask us.

The duo got to be co-stars once again on the show Cougar Town, and have posted many photos together on social media outside of work. And while they may have never stepped out publicly together, it's very clean that they do spend a lot of one on one time together.

Over the years, we have watched Perry's pretty public battle with getting sober, and Cox has always spoken out in support of his journey.

And of course, after ending his six-year long relationship with Lizzy Caplan in 2012, it looks like Perry is very much on the market.

Upon hearing the news from this mysterious source, fans have gathered on twitter to show both their excitement and support - luring the actors to just get together for goodness sakes.

Some fans even created a little pet name for the potential couple, calling them "Mondler" - a combination of their characters names on Friends. 

We can only hope that this rumor makes it way to Cox and that by the time they start filming the much anticipated Friends reunion that they have a special relationship announcement to share with the world.

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