This Latest Maternity Photo Shoot Trend Is Making Us Giggle

The latest pregnancy photo shoot trend has a lot of people doing a double take. That’s because the models aren’t technically pregnant, yet look like they might be expecting a new bundle of joy in the coming weeks.

A lot of photos are popping up on social media that make it look like a handful of dads are posing with their baby bumps. However, the photos are nothing but an illusion as both the mom and dad are posing behind a wall. The mother, with her baby bump in full view, has her head hidden behind the wall or another object while the father’s head is popped forward, making it look like it’s on their partner’s body.

The trend has gotten so popular that more and more fathers-to-be are sharing their partner’s maternity photos on their social media accounts to make it appear as their own. While it’s forced a lot of social media followers to do a double take, others are appreciating the sense of humor behind it.

According to the Wall Street Journal, studies have shown that about half of expectant fathers do gain something that is called ‘sympathy weight’ during their partner’s pregnancies. Some even gain up to 30 pounds during the course of nine months. That’s because many fathers can also experience the same pregnancy-like symptoms that their partners have, including nausea, fatigue, food cravings and even bouts of bloat. Others simply just keep up with the pace of what their partner is eating throughout the course of their day.

A lot of people are crediting MTV reality television star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro for supposedly starting the trend when she shared a paternity shot of his own on Twitter last year. His girlfriend can be seen wearing a black maternity bra and leggings while holding her baby bump. Ortiz-Magro’s head can be seen next to her, although it appears as though his head is attached to her body, giving the illusion that he is the one who is pregnant.

Is this a trend you see yourself jumping on?

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