Your Kids Can Get Free Mary Poppins Returns Tickets By Eating At Subway

mary poppins returns

You can always count on some really great movies hitting theaters at the end of the year. Studios save a lot of their big productions for the holidays, and award season kicks into full swing so all the good stuff starts coming out. We've all been pretty distracted by the Disney movies coming our way in 2019, like The Lion King and Frozen 2. But we've already been blessed with the hilarious Wreck It Ralph 2, and pretty soon, we're going to be flocking to the theaters to relive a bit of our childhood with our own kids. Mary Poppins Returns glides into theaters on December 19, and from what we've seen of the previews, it promises to be an absolute joy. There's magic and love and adventure and of course, Mary Poppins herself. Plenty of brands and companies are already getting in on the Mary Poppins mania with merchandise and promotions. The latest company to hop on the flying unbrella is popular sandwich chain Subway.

In a press release, Subway announced that they will be giving away free tickets to screenings of Mary Poppins returns with every single kid's meal purchase. That's right! All you have to do is buy a kid's meal (which you'd be doing anyway), and Subway is going to give you a voucher for a free child's ticket to see the movie. A 3-inch sub, fruit, a juice box, AND tickets to see the incomparable Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins? That sounds like the deal of the holiday season! The ticket giveaway started November 30. Vouchers are good from December 19 to January 7.

Even though the movie doesn't come out until December 19, early reviews are already rolling in, and people are raving about this new adaptation. Critics and guests at a screening in Los Angeles praised Blunt's performance as the magical nanny, calling her a standout. The film is being called practically perfect in every way, delightful, heartwarming, and sheer joy. Some critics even floated early Oscar buzz for the film. Sequels are hard to pull off, especially nearly 40 years after the beloved original was released. But it sounds like Mary Poppins Returns just might be the magical film we've all been waiting for.

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