A Teenage Boy Filmed This Mom Plucking Her Chin Hairs

Anyone mother knows that the combination of getting older and having children has drastic effects on your body. It's not just the sagging areas on the body or the bladder that seems to have shrunk overnight, but all those pesky hormones can cause women to sprout some very unwelcome hairs on various parts of the body.

Mary Katherine Backstrom, the voice behind the popular blog Mom Babble is all too familiar with those unwelcome hairs. While sitting in her local Starbucks parking lot recently the mother of two decided to take care of an annoying chin hair that was bothering her. She grabbed her tweezers and plucked the hair out, but not before noticing a teenage boy in the parking lot was recording the entire event. While some may have been embarrassed at being caught with tweezers in hand, Mary Katherine decided to post her own picture of her removing that chin hair with a funny and poignant message for that teen boy.

"To the teenage boy in the Starbucks parking lot who just recorded me plucking my chin hairs...," she began her post.

"Here’s what you don’t know:

1) I don’t care. I have no shame. And sorry, but I beat your upload to the punch. Muahaha.

2) I got that pesky black hair.

3) This will happen to your future baby mama if you’re ever blessed enough to have one.

4) I, too, was once a cool, cute, awesome, little high school kid. Captain of the cheerleaders, if you can believe it. Oh, yah. Shake it shake it.

So just wait, little whipper snapper. Just wait.

That’s all, dear. Carry on with your Fortnite playing self and enjoy that venti Frappuccino with whip while your metabolism still likes you.

❤️-freshly plucked Mom blogger with zero shames

God bless."

To the teenage boy in the Starbucks parking lot who just recorded me plucking my chin hairs... Here’s what you don’t...

Posted by Mary Katherine Backstrom on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Backstrom's post quickly went viral, with over 47 thousand likes and 13 thousand shares and over five thousand people commenting, sharing their own 'tweezing' stories. The blogger explained to Romper that writing about things as crazy as this helps her connect with other mothers and that she's learned not to care what others think.

"I don't know anymore if I post crazy things like this because I have an immense amount of confidence or an unhealthy lack of shame. Either way, it's a very liberating way to live my life, and I think more people should give it a shot," she says. "Turns out, when you share the most ridiculous parts of yourself out in the open, you find your people."

She said she posted the photo herself simply to "beat that kid to the punch," and says that sharing her chin hair story really resonated with her followers. "So, apparently everyone has 'goat hairs' (their words — not mine!) and there is a pretty strong consensus that cars are the best place to pluck them," Backstrom said. "In fact, my followers are all pretty convinced our hairs hide until we get out of the house. Having a pair of car tweezers is a thing, people!"

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