Spider-Man And Ms. Marvel Help Kids Learn To Read With New App

With summer here many parents are worried about the dreaded 'summer slide' when kids lose some of the knowledge they learned during the school year because they aren't doing enough work at home to help retain that knowledge. There are lots of ways to help keep kids learning over the summer and Marvel Entertainment just launched a new app that your superhero-loving child is going to obsess over! Not only are your kids going to love to play on this new app, but they're also going to be able to practice their reading and writing skills at the same time.

Marvel Entertainment and Kuato Studios have teamed up to create the Marvel Hero Tales app, an app that is geared towards kids between the ages of 7 and 11 that encourages them to write their own superhero adventure. Kids get to create their very own comic book as they follow superheroes like Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Captain America, and Captain Marvel throughout the streets of New York.

Not only does the player control the superhero's actions through the app but they also get to practice their vocabulary and word comprehension skills while doing it. The players get to select the words they want to use to help create the adventure their superhero will take. Many won't even realize how much fun they're having learning while they're playing the game!

The app was created to help players not only have fun while creating their own scenarios for their superhero but to also "become confident users of expressive language." Kuato Studios really did their homework to ensure that the app would be both fun and educational. They worked with the Center For Applied Second Language Studies at the University of Portland Oregon, and a variety of teachers and schools in the UK to develop the vocabulary content for the game, the website states.

As kids get better at playing the game, the words will become more difficult, helping them improve both their vocabulary and comprehension. Like other popular gaming apps, kids also earn different badges when they achieve different levels in the game.

"This is the most personal project I've ever been involved with, not just because of my love of the Marvel Universe, but also because as a child with undiagnosed dyslexia, school, and particularly reading, was incredibly challenging for me," Mark Horneff, CEO of Kuato Studio, said in a statement.  Horneff spoke about his love of reading that started when he got his first copy of a Spider-Man comic and he read it cover to cover.

"Those adventures fed not only my imagination but my confidence as a storyteller and my passion for reading," Horneff said. "My hope is that Marvel Hero Tales will inspire a new generation of Marvel readers and storytellers, and in some small way, allow that 8-year-old to repay some of the debt I owe to Peter Parker."

The free app is available on iOS and Android, and will have weekly updates that will keep your kids learning all summer long, even if they don't know they're doing it!

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