10 Ways Martial Arts Can Change Your Child’s Life

What you experience during your childhood has a lasting effect on the type of person that you will grow up to be. Family structure, financial stability, and educational outcomes are just some of the things that contribute to who you are.

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Many people overlook how important both physical fitness and socialization can be for a child. These can have an effect on your adult life as well. There are many ways to help your kid with both of these things. The martial arts will bring your little one both of these benefits.

Curious about how martial arts can change your child’s life? Keep reading!

10 Continuous Learning

Studying martial arts promotes lifelong learning in your child. There is no martial art in which you can start and train for a certain number of years and then become an expert and have nothing more to learn.

Studying martial arts is a continuous journey for as long as you choose to participate, and for that reason, it promotes the curiosity and perseverance needed to embrace lifelong learning in all areas of your children’s lives.

9 Friendships

It's incredibly important for your children to socialize and bond with their peers both in school and outside of school. When a kid studies martial arts, the other students will become their training partners, and kids will learn to trust them with their safety and well-being much faster than they would with a school friend or classmate.

For this reason, friendships forged in the dojo or the academy can be incredibly valuable for kids, especially those who don’t have many school friends for any number of reasons.

8 Self-Defence

Learning martial arts is about embracing the beauty and physicality of the sport and also competing against each other safely. However, these skills can still be helpful if your child ever finds themselves in a dangerous situation where they need to physically defend themselves or someone else.

Sometimes just knowing they have those skills in their back pocket can help a child be less timid in certain situations, which is always an asset.

7 Physical Fitness

All forms of sports and athletic training are incredible for kids, but martial arts, in particular, can help your child make huge leaps in their physical fitness. When sparring with a partner, you can’t just tap out when you’re tired and go take a water break. Training with someone one-on-one encourages children to push past their mental limits and reach their peak physical fitness.

6 Community

Each of the martial arts branches has an incredible community behind it. When you and your child walk into the training facility, you most likely feel like a part of a family, instead of just someone paying for a class. The students are wonderful at cheering each other on and lifting each other up, and the parents are typically incredibly encouraging to all the children as well.

In some sports you may find overly competitive parents who take things a little too seriously, but in martial arts, everyone learns respect, so this happens less often.

5 Competition

Training in martial arts also allows children to compete in one-on-one competitions where it’s all up to them. While this situation can be intimidating, it can teach them so much about courage, strength, and perseverance.

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And whether they win or lose they will absolutely learn lessons from both of those outcomes as well.

4 Goal Setting

The martial arts follow a belt system, each of them slightly different, but with the same purpose. Your child will earn different coloured belts (and in some cases progression stripes on their belts) to show how they are progressing in their training.

While these promotions are based on skill and ability, they also take into consideration attitude and work ethic. Children quickly learn that they can set goals (for a new belt for example) and achieve them when they put the work in. Watching your kids set and reach goals outside of school grades is so rewarding, because it shows you their progress towards becoming a well-rounded individual.

3 Discipline

One of the main teachings within martial arts is discipline. You are trained to respect your elders (your teachers, parents, etc.), to respect your training partners, to be disciplined in your behaviour and your training, and to take pride in your work and your progress.

These are such valuable lessons for children to learn at a young age, and kids who struggle with behavioural issues and have trouble focusing at school can often make more headway in these areas in a martial arts setting because they are physically exerting themselves while listening and learning.

2 Confidence

One of the best things children learn while studying martial arts is confidence. They become familiar with their mental and physical limitations, and how to push past them. They learn physical and mental skills to defeat the competition. They begin to see how their training is positively affecting their behaviour and concentration.

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All of these positive shifts help children become more confident in all aspects of their lives, whether that’s their school work, their peer groups, other sports, or anything else. Confidence is an invaluable trait to have and they will carry it with them all their lives.

1 Life Ambitions

In a perfect world, everyone would know what they want to do from the time they're young so they can work toward that goal for their whole life. Unfortunately, that's not often the case, and many people still don't know what they want to do when they head off to college, or even 10 years into a career that they dislike. As a parent, you of course want to prevent this, and you can let your children try anything and everything when they're little.

If your child finds something like the martial arts that they fall in love with, hey can work hard and even land a job in that area before they even finish high school. For many people having a career that you are head over heels in love with seems like a fantasy, but with the right mindset, it can become a reality for most people. Encourage your children to move their bodies and challenge their minds every day through martial arts and they can live those incredibly fulfilling “fantasy” lives for themselves.

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