Martha Stewart Thinks Felicity Huffman's Prison Outfit Looks 'Pretty Schlumpy'

Martha Stewart is not feeling Felicity Huffman‘s prison outfit. The entrepreneur, 78, mentioned the former Desperate Housewives actress at Vanity Fair’s 6th Annual New Establishment Summit on Tuesday in Beverly Hills.

When Stewart was asked by CNN’s Brian Stelter if she thought Huffman might have learned anything in prison, she replied, “She should style her outfit a little bit more. She looked pretty schlumpy.”

Stewart is no stranger to prison life. In 2004, she served five months in prison and five months of home confinement for avoiding a loss of $45,673 by selling all her shares of ImClone Systems stock after receiving insider information from Peter Bacanovic, her broker at Merrill Lynch.

“She made a horrible mistake, and she’s experiencing what happens,” Stewart added.

Huffman was arrested on March 12, 2019, for her involvement in a college entrance exam cheating scandal and was charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. On May 13, she pleaded guilty to federal charges for paying $15,000 to have a proctor correct her daughter’s SAT exam and boost her scores. On September 13, she was sentenced to 14 days in prison, a $30,000 fine, 250 hours of community service and a one-year supervised release for her part in the scandal. She reported to prison on October 15, 2019. She is expected to finish her sentence on October 27.

It remains unclear how Huffman’s conviction will affect her career. Although many predicted that Stewart’s business and career would be over after her conviction, she managed to make an impressive comeback after serving her time. She currently has a net worth of $300 million.

In 2017, Stewart told Katie Couric on an episode of her self-titled podcast that her prison experience was “horrifying.”

“It was horrifying, and no one, no one should have to go through that kind of indignity really except for murderers, and there are a few other categories, but no one should have to go through that,” Stewart said at the time. “It’s a very, very awful thing.”

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Since then, she’s made light of her time in prison on numerous occasions. It remains to be seen what Stewart will have to say if Lori Loughlin, the other big name in the ‘Varity Blues’ case, enters jail. Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, who were initially charged with conspiracy fraud and then with conspiracy to commit money laundering after paying up to $500,000 in bribes, pleaded not guilty to the charges. Both face a maximum of up to 45 years in prison if found guilty.

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