Finally, A Mario Theme Park May Be Happening

We sure do love us some theme parks! They're a great destination for a family vacation, or even just a day of adventure and fun. Disney Resorts typically get all the glory when it comes to amusement parks. And we admit, it's hard to top Disneyland or Disney World in terms of the theme park experience - they think of everything, and trip to Disney is always magical. But in recent years, other theme parks have been making a pretty big splash, too.

Universal Studios in Orlando and Los Angeles unveiled the first Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2010, and since then, families from all over the world have visited the parks to get their Potter fix. Orlando definitely has the market cornered on theme parks, and it looks like they'll be adding another one in the next couple of years. And this one is going to make a lot of gamers REALLY happy. Nintendo fans, start your engines - Mario is coming to play!

Rumors of a Nintendo-themed theme park have been swirling for years, and there's currently one under construction at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. Which does us here in the US no good, unless you're willing to travel several thousand miles to experience it! Now, it looks like we may not have to renew our passports after all. Leaked documents from a Comcast meeting details plans for a new Nintendo theme park in Orlando called Super Nintendo World. The park will be part of a collection of themed worlds tentatively titled Universal's Fantastic Worlds. In addition to Super Nintendo World, developers will be adding a Jurassic Park world, a classic monsters world (think Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.), and a DreamWorks animation world.

The theme park competition is stiff in Orlando, with Disney World opening its much-anticipated Star Wars expansion and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter's massive popularity. But a Nintendo theme park may just be the thing to break up the monopoly. Universal's Fantastic Worlds is set to open sometime in the early 2020's, which is when Disney World is set to celebrate its 50th birthday. Coincidence? We think not. And we can't wait!

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