Marie Kondo's New Netflix Show Will Inspire Every Parent To Organize

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Do you have a problem with clutter? Is your home overrun by stuff and mess and just general disarray? Do you have kids? Then you probably answered yes to all of those questions. The thing is, once you have kids, you come to a startling realization: these little people require A LOT of stuff. And really, maybe require isn't even the right word! Do they need a lot of stuff? Yes. Do they need all of the stuff they actually have? Not a chance. But really, do we need all the stuff we have? Probably not! Clutter builds up slowly - a saved art project here, a favorite (broken) toy there. And suddenly you look at the playroom or your kids' rooms and you're overwhelmed. If you've been meaning to get a hold on your attachment to stuff and clean your life up, you may have heard of Marie Kondo.

Her bestselling book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up", inspired so many people to throw everything away. And now her new Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, is showing us how to do it in real life. This show will definitely give you anxiety, but for parents, it's a must-watch. Is it a must-do? Well, that's up to you.

The first episode of the show hit home with parents. Called "Tidying with Toddlers", Marie tackles the home of a young couple with two small children. Like most couples with toddler, their life is seemingly ruled by clutter and chaos. Marie acknowledges that keeping a home where toddlers live tidy is ... difficult. Rachel and Kevin, the couple in the episode, seem to be overwhelmed. Well, Rachel seems overwhelmed. Kevin seems annoyed that she doesn't do more, but that's a different subject altogether. Like many of us, laundry is a struggle for Rachel, and after a day spent caring for two toddlers, things get ignored. WE FEEL THIS, RACHEL.

Marie sets out helping them get control of their home by breaking everything up into manageable lessons. Clothing is first, and we have to be honest, we were shocked and related to this so much. So much stuff they didn't need, use, or love. They tackle other problem areas, like the garage and kitchen. It is all sort of stressful (seriously, we saw ourselves in this episode so many times), but the advice and lessons Marie shares makes it all seem so much more doable. It's hard to keep your house clean and tidy when you have kids! So hard. But allowing the mess and clutter to build up can also create so much stress, anxiety, and even resentment. It's worth a watch for parents, and if we can incorporate even just a few of Marie's strategies, we'll all be better off.

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