Marie Kondo Says Kids Are Surprisingly Good About 'Letting Go'

As 2019 heads towards a close, it seems like a good time to remind everyone of how it began: with Marie Kondo taking Netflix by storm with her show about organizing and minimizing.

It's not just grown-ups Marie is targeting anymore, she's also working to teach little kids about the "magic" of organization and keeping things tidy. This seems like a worthy cause, but moms everywhere know that getting a child to actually discard a toy (even if they haven't touched it since Marie's show premiered on Netflix) is harder than just about anything.

Being the wizard she is, Marie respectfully disagrees with this argument, because she's seen her work in action. In an interview with USA Today, the queen of organization said, "you'd be surprised to see how much [a child] would be able to let go of". The key, according to Kondo, is not teaching them to simply pick up after themselves but to explain that there is a "space limit" in every home (or room). Once they understand that a space can only hold so much, they will start to notice when piles get bigger or when the limited space gets smaller.

Another tip, have fun with it. Kids are kids and they aren't going to do anything if there isn't a little fun involved (*Alexa, play "A Spoonful Of Sugar" from Mary Poppins*). Even Kondo herself admits that her kids' playroom isn't always tidy because they get tired and don't want to put their things away. Though, she still has some kind of secret power because when she tells them to go tidy up, she says they always do (what?!).

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Seeing joy through the eyes of my daughter. 🌈

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In her new children's book, Kiki & Jax Kondo introduces these ideas in a fun, imaginative way in an effort to get kids excited about a clean and tidy life. Also, to answer the question you're definitely asking, she did dedicate a portion of the story to encouraging kids to neatly fold their clothes.

If Kondo's children's book can achieve even a quarter of the impact on kids as her show had on adults, it is sure to be a best-seller.

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