Mariah Carey's Home: 21 Things The Kiddies Can't Get Away With

When a child's mother is famous for her demands on set and had that cringe-worthy New Year's outing, it’s safe to assume that said child will have some interesting rules to follow during their childhood. We’re talking about Moroccan and Monroe here, the twins whose parents are none other than Mariah Carey and her ex-husband Nick Cannon.

Will you be allowed to be wild ‘n’ out? We seriously doubt it. Will you be lavished with insanely expensive gifts and escorted around the world in style? That, we can almost guarantee.

We’re also talking about these kids who had an entire room in their mother’s penthouse dedicated to candy. Are there rules about how and when to use the candy room? Also, if you’re named after Marilyn Monroe and live in the same house as her baby grand piano, can you play on it without getting into trouble?

These are important questions! Do you get grounded when you secretly spend upwards of $5,000 on Amazon? Can you even ground the child of the woman who broke the record for the highest note ever sung by a human being? How many times can these kids go to Disneyland before the experience becomes blasé? Read on to find out.

21 Swim, Now And Later

Daily Mail

People covered Mariah’s new Vegas residency and how it will affect her children. One thing Mariah told them will stay the same is the kids’ lessons in and affection for the water. She said her children had taken swim lessons since they were three months old, a bit earlier than is typical to start any type of lesson for a baby.

Carey said that she has always loved the water and wanted to make sure her children caught the bug so they could enjoy it together.

Judging from pictures, it seems like she was successful in that. She described both her children as “fish.”

20 Be Ready To Get On Stage

Via: YouTube

Once again, People gives us the scoop. There, Mariah claims that her children love Las Vegas because they often appear in her shows, coming out to sing along with her. The song of choice? The family gathers to sing ‘Always Be My Baby.’ This may seem like a lot for two seven-year-olds, singing to packed houses who’ve paid quite a bit of money to see their mother perform.

However, these kiddos have two superstar parents and were practically born in the spotlight. Mariah herself claims the twins like the experience.

19 “Gotta Keep Cooking While The Pot Is Hot”

Entertainment Tonight

This is Nick Cannon’s money-making mantra, and one the entire family seems to hold fast to. It means the kids have to realize that their parents—a singer and a mogul—are incredibly busy. Nick recently opened a Florida bar themed around his one-time hit, Wild ‘N’ Out. Their mother began a Vegas residency and opened up to the press about her diagnosis with mental health issues.

ET revealed that despite the family’s many business ventures, they find time to connect and always prioritize the children first.

Nick said he goes so far as to schedule the rest of his life around the needs and wants of his children and that, somehow, everything else falls into place.

18 No More Pets

People Magazine

In a hilarious Jimmy Kimmel interview described by Page Six, Mariah recounts the time her son bought a $5,000 dog online while he was with his father. Only later did Nick realize what had happened and he and Mariah agreed to cancel the order.

Mariah said the children have plenty of pets, including other dogs and fish. This is evident in the joint mommy/kiddos photoshoot Mariah participated in for Harper’s Bazaar. Within the glossy pages, there are pictures of Mariah, Monroe and Moroccan—who is seen carrying an adorable puppy.

17 Have Your Own Website


Promptly after the birth of the kiddos—dubbed Roc and Roe—Mariah and Nick established a website called DemBabies.com—the twins’ memorable nickname used by both parents. It became a fashion staple, showing the fabulously dressed tots in costumes and matching gear.

The kids and their namesake website have their own Twitter hashtag, as mentioned in Vogue. They regularly wear designer designs and mention them by name the way other kids would say, “Today I’m wearing Paw Patrol shoes!”

They wear mini leather biker jackets, pristine shoes (do these kids even go outside?), and specialty motocross denim.

16 Be Ready To Love Christmas


Mariah Carey has been dubbed the ‘Queen of Christmas,’ and there’s no doubt why. It’s estimated by Independent that, each year, Mariah makes 376,000 euros just off the royalties of her song All I Want For Christmas Is You. In addition, last year, Mariah’s team came out with a cartoon-style movie based on the hit song.

The leading little girl’s name? What else but Mariah. She also headlined a holiday-themed world tour. For a family used to being on the move, it may not be a big deal, but any child of hers needs to be ready to fly overseas for concerts and tour dates without causing a fuss.

15 Don’t Be Surprised When Mom Is Over The Top

Style Bistro

It should go without saying, but Mariah makes every moment an Instagram opportunity. Think of the time she posted a picture of herself grocery shopping in Hawaii wearing, well, not much—and accessorizing with a very sparkly diamond necklace.

Fox News posted the pictures and furthered the rumor that Carey or someone on her team photoshopped certain ones, citing wavy lines and supposedly missing pounds.

One thing’s for sure, though: she doesn’t have any desire to dress like the average PTA member. Her notable collection of painfully high heels goes to prove that.

14 You Probably Can’t See Auntie

Hollywood Life

Mariah’s rough relationship with her sister has been well documented. Earlier this year, Alison Carey gave a tell-all interview to The Sun. In it, she claimed that her sister had done nothing to help her despite her failing health. The reasons for this rift are multiple, including Alison’s illegal work as a working girl and other less-than-desirable habits. After becoming clean, Alison claims she was hospitalized after an armed man entered her apartment.

She has also been very vocal about Mariah's lack of support or any kind of help.

Though Mariah’s team came out with a statement about her having spent hundreds of thousands on Alison’s needs, we can’t imagine she’s spent any quality time around the kiddos.

13 However, You Will See Dad’s Other Son


In 2017, Nick had another child with another ex, Brittany Bell. While many thought the baby was a surprise, Nick made efforts to put that rumor to rest, saying he’d always wanted more children. Soon after the birth of his second son and third child, Golden Cannon, Moroccan and Monroe went to meet with their new little brother.

Recently, People published pictures taken from the tot’s first birthday party, where both of the twins were present and looked to be having a great time. The party’s theme was Golden Safari and was African inspired, with Bell and Cannon both dressing for the occasion and taking pictures together despite their split.

12 Sing, It’s In Your Blood

Daily Mail

Reports have been spread around, though not anywhere near confirmed, that Roc and Roe are painfully shy and do not like the way their mother puts them in the spotlight. Yet, Mariah says the children have recorded their first single, but she’s not sure if it will ever see the light of day.

Why? Because she wants to talk about it with their father and make sure the kids are ready for that kind of exposure. Are they? Maybe. After all, singing is something handed down from generation to generation in their family.

Mariah’s mother, Patricia, sang opera. She didn’t just sing it; she rocked it at the New York Opera. Fascinate says Patricia served as Mariah’s vocal coach in her youth.

11 Don’t Get Lost In Mom’s Closet

The Happening

Seriously. Because if Roc and Roe make this mistake, they may not be found for weeks. However, they would have one thing to keep them occupied (Who are we kidding? Everyone knows if you get lost in Mariah’s closet, you come out wearing decades’ worth of bling).

They could bang away on what their mom has called her “prized possession.” It’s Marilyn Monroe’s baby grand piano, hidden from the world among Mariah’s glam. Refinery 29 says that the closet is big enough to have a room dedicated to shoes and specially designed undergarments; so it’s no surprise the wardrobe can house a baby grand.

10 Get Ready To Hang Out With A Lot Of People Every Day

Trips and Giggles

Mariah’s entourage is a thing of legend. She’s known to have a beauty team, a team devoted to dealing with press and outsiders, security, and, yes, nannies for the twins. Her 2015 trip to Disneyland with ‘dem babies’ was covered by News.com, who stated that the total number of adult staffers with the family was ten.

Ten grown people there to help with two very little people!

What makes this a truly diva moment for Mariah and—by extension—her children, was the presence of one “umbrella holder.” Yeah, that’s a person whose job it is to make sure neither mama nor the babies get fried by the sun.

9 Thank Your Mother For Getting Through Her Difficult Pregnancy


Okay, this isn’t a rule, per se, but it’s definitely something the twins should do when they’re older. After giving birth via cesarean section, Mariah claimed that her pregnancy with the kids was a difficult one.

She said she experienced edema, the swelling of the body due to overabundant fluid, throughout her entire body and not just in the ankles and fingers as some women do.

People quotes her as saying she couldn’t imagine “ever being the same person” after the challenging pregnancy. Before delivering, Mariah was placed on bed rest and admitted to even having trouble going to the bathroom.

8 Match Your Mom And Dad

Us Weekly

This family—even after Mariah and Nick’s divorce—has a thing for dressing alike. In 2011, People featured a photo of the family dressed as the superhero family from Disney’s Incredibles. Then, the babies were only six months old. Now, at seven, they continue to dress like their parents.

In March of this year, the family walked Nickelodeon’s orange carpet together, dressed in matching leather jackets and themed sweats. It’s not their first time doing so for this event, either. They did it in 2017 as well, sporting matching athletic wear while walking in and sitting together. One thing you can’t accuse these two of is failing to co-parent.

7 Do Follow Your Faith

Latin Trends

Mariah is a devoted and practicing Episcopalian Christian. Nick Cannon has been upfront often about how he and Mariah waited to make their relationship official until they were married and went so far as to call her “conservative” when it comes to her temple and spirituality.

The Christian Post reported that Mariah has included gospel numbers on many of her albums and once leaned heavily on a certain reverend to help put her life back together after a failed record deal and time spent in the hospital for exhaustion and mental health issues.

While we can’t know for certain that she has her children accompany her in her faith, we assume she shares this part of her life with them.

6 You Guys Are It

Us Weekly

Mariah has revealed that she won’t be having any more children. The reason she cited at News.com wasn’t her age (Mariah’s in her late forties now), but that she feared Roc and Roe would get too jealous or, worse, feel unwanted.

Even when the diva was engaged to billionaire Australian James Packer, she was certain and vocal about being done having babies.

It wasn’t a big deal at the time, as Packer had three of his own kids from a previous marriage, bringing the potential combined family to five kiddos. What isn’t certain is what will happen on Nick’s end. One thing is for sure, though: if they have more half-siblings, it will be from him.

5 You Will Go To School

That Grape Juice

In July of 2015, Celeb Scoop featured a picture of Mariah posing with her four-year-old twins as they got ready for their first day of what she called summer school. Mariah went on to poke fun at herself by saying that the twins were following in her footsteps.

While the little ones were probably in an activities-driven version of preschool, it’s no secret that Mariah was not a fan of educational pursuits in her own life.

She was called ‘Mirage’ by her peers in high school because she missed so many classes and went on to drop out of high school before graduation.

It looks like she’s encouraging Moroccan and Monroe to push a little harder in that arena.

4 Don’t Ask If Mom And Dad Will End Up Back Together

Daily Mail

At least, this is a rule for the press. Nick has been tight-lipped on his future with Mariah, who is dating a man over a decade younger than her. Bryan Tanaka is a back-up dancer and the man she’s been linked to since ending her engagement to James Packer.

However, though Dad’s not saying anything and Mom is dating another man, one person is speaking out candidly about their future. Nick’s father, James, gave an exclusive interview to Hollywood Life in which he admits that his son still harbors deep feelings for the mother of his children and would be happy to reunite with her.

James says he thinks this would be a disaster for Moroccan and Monroe and hopes the two stay strong and in their lane as parents but not partners.

3 Must Love Lambs

Daily Mail

Moroccan and Monroe, you’d better really like lambs, because you’ll be seeing and hearing about them your entire life. Some time ago, Mariah started calling her legion of dedicated and diehard fans her “lambs,” which somehow morphed into the term “lambily.”

Yes, she related her followers to sheep and combined them with the term family to give it some dignity. If there’s a more diva thing to do, we don’t know what it is. Vulture claims that in her performance rider, Mariah even stipulates that there must be stuffed lambs in her dressing room along with white roses. We imagine Roc and Roe see these things everywhere they go.

2 Get Ready For Disneyland


We talked about Mariah and her entourage at Disneyland with the twins earlier. It seems this is a bit of a common event in the Carey/Cannon household. In 2017, Mariah and Nick accompanied the kiddos to Disneyland for their birthday.

There, the famous parents rode rides alongside their smiling littles and presented the twins with a Mickey and Minnie themed cake. In Instagram pictures featured on Us, the family can be seen at a Disneyland restaurant surrounded by balloons and neatly wrapped presents.

Both parents also used social media to honor the twins’ birthday and post pictures of the day of fun. It's safe to say the kids better never get disillusioned with the happiest place on earth!

1 Be Cool Around Other Famous People

Entertainment Tonight

We assume this is a rule for all stars’ kids (we’ve seen Blu Ivy). However, since Mariah has had such a storied and diverse career, her kids may be calling other super-powered artists by their first names.

Think of it this way: Mariah has collaborated with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Phil Collins, Nas, and Justin Bieber—to name just a few. She told Hello! that her twins have had a playdate with the above-mentioned Blu Ivy and that she and Beyoncé are friends. Mimi even Instagrammed a photo a while back to prove the two are connected.

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