This 'Sprayable' Maple Syrup Just Made Breakfast A Whole Lot Easier

Sprayable syrup is a bizarre new food item that exists now thanks to Coombs Family Farms, and I’m in a sticky situation because part of me is saying, “Take my money!” while the other part is filing this under Things That Make You go, ‘Hmmm…’

Maple Stream The Sprayable Syrup Nobody Asked For

“Small is a big idea,” is the Coombs Family Farms slogan, and it’s quite fitting for their most recent innovation. With seven generations under their belt, this maple syrup biz is spicing things up in the company bedroom by welcoming people to their maple stream.

Sprayable syrup Maple Stream

“What is a maple stream? I’m not sure that’s a place I’d like to go, tbh.” Settle down, Mrs. Butterworth. Contrary to the bottle’s description of being a spray, we’ve all been bamboozled because it’s not a spray at all. Rather than acting like a syrupy aerosol, the Maple Stream features a button that, once pressed, releases a nice, healthy stream. That’s right, all you have to do is point, stream, and enjoy.

Still confused? This fun little video should clear things up:

All jokes aside, if we were to purchase “sprayable” syrup, we’d want to buy it from a company as wholesome as Coombs Family Farms. Working with over 3,000 small maple farms, this 150-years-old and going strong family business works hard to protect our forests by committing to sustainable forestry which means they help protect crucial habitats so that its land, plants, and animals, stay safe from urban sprawl.

While sprayable syrup sounds like the type of artificial trash you wouldn’t want to bring into your home, you can un-clutch your pearls because this stuff is organic. What’s not to love? We get to be one step closer to my kids making themselves breakfast while we sleep in, and we don’t have to curse under my breath every time we grab a bottle of pancake juice only to discover the lid is caked in dried syrup.

If you’re sold and wondering where you can get your very own bottle of sprayable syrup, you can check to see if there is a store near you, you can check the Coombs Family Farms product locator, or you can order their products from Amazon.

There’s a good kind of, “Why is this thing sticky?” and a bad kind. Come to the good side. We have waffles.

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