Man Asks If He Was Wrong For 'Passively Tormenting' Someone Else's Child In Public

A grown man bullied an already upset young child dining near to him, forcing the family to leave the restaurant. While vacationing at the beach, the man and his wife sat down to eat at a casual crab restaurant. An older couple was seated next to them, along with their young grandson. The boy was about seven years old. It was immediately clear that he was not having an easy time.

Obviously agitated, the child was crying and complaining loudly. His grandmother attempted to soothe him, with no success. That is when the man at the neighboring table began antagonizing him.

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The boy told his grandparents that the man was staring at him. Because he wore dark glasses, it apparently appeared that way. However, the man was actually reading the menu. He wore the sunglasses because they were prescription and he had forgotten his regular glasses.

While the boy's grandparents attempted to pacify him and explain that the man was not actually staring at him, the man started to do something mean.

He really did start staring at the child. Whenever the boy saw him staring, he began to get worked up. In an immature and just plain cruel act of bullying, the man averted his gaze whenever the grandparents looked.

The man did not let up, and the boy became increasingly frustrated. His outbursts got worse and worse as the situation continued.

At one point, the boy's grandmother left to use the restroom. The boy confronted the man directly. He told him to stop. The man responded by sliding his sunglasses down his nose and winking. This led to a massive meltdown, with the boy asking his grandfather to make the man stop.

Here's what we have to say to this guy: seriously? Why would you purposefully make the situation worse? This man has no idea what is behind the boys' poor behavior. Whether he struggles with a diagnosed condition or he was simply overtired, the man's behavior was childish and mean. Either do something to help or stay out of it!

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