A New Birth Control 'Gel' For Men Is In Trials, And Women Aren't Happy

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It looks like the male population will finally know what it ‘feels like to be a girl.’ And no, we don’t mean that in a literal sense. Instead, some guys will finally understand why so many of their girlfriends, wives, and partners feel irritated or annoyed each time they forget to take their birth control pills in the morning. That’s because there’s a new report that says a male birth control gel is currently in the works.

According to CBS News, clinical trials are underway for a new, yet controversial birth control gel. Many women argue that the gel is a more simple and convenient form of birth control compared to female options.

Here’s how it works: men will rub the gel on their back and shoulders once a day. It’s supposed to gradually bring down sperm count so that men cannot make their partners pregnant. The gel formulation, called NES/T, includes a progestin-containing compound called segesterone acetate, which is made under the brand name Nestorone, along with a dose of testosterone.

“This is the first time that men are using it as part of a couple to test for effectiveness,” said Diana Blithe, chief of NICHD’s Contraceptive Development Program.

Right now, three sites in California, Kansas, and Washington are enrolling couples in the first clinical trial to test the safety and efficacy of a male contraceptive. As many women know, the burden of contraception falls largely on them, and many birth control methods are inconvenient and more often than not have side effects.

Right now, there's no male birth control pill available.

Posted by CBS News on Thursday, November 29, 2018

It didn’t take very long for some women to take to their social media accounts to let the world know just exactly what they think of this new, convenient gel which can easily double up as a massage or seductive foreplay before a couple start getting busy between the sheets.

And while there have been plenty of critics who have voiced their frustrations over this new gels, others have applauded the news as progress toward the still elusive goal of effective male birth control.

But here’s another question: will men actually use it and will they get used to it? If not, there are two other options that men have: condoms or a vasectomy. Or better yet, babysitting a family member or friend’s toddler, which many say is the best form of birth control yet.

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