10 Makeup Must-Haves Every Mom Needs In Their Makeup Bag

When you're a mom, finding time to do everyday things can be difficult — including putting on make-up! And while make-up is by no means an everyday essential that can't be done without, many people need it to feel confident and secure, particularly if they're going through a stressful time (which parenting often is).

If you're struggling to make yourself look a way that makes you feel great while taking care of your child, the hardest task of all, keep these essential items in your make-up bag to make the whole process a little easier on yourself.

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10 BB Cream

BB cream is a little lighter than foundation, but provides enough of a coverage to make you look fresher. Sometimes, you don't have the time to match and blend out a foundation, and just want something to make your skin look a little less red and a little smoother. In this case, BB cream is the perfect option.

It's also a great option when it's sunny outside and you don't want to sweat a whole layer of foundation off.

9 The Perfect Foundation

If BB cream isn't for you, or you just need something a little more heavy-duty for those days when you want to cover more, make sure your perfect match foundation is always good to go. It's a good idea to find the formula that works for your skin, as dry, oily, and combination skins have different needs — and then find your perfect color within that type.

Once you've got it, make sure your holy grail is always in your make-up bag and restocked, even if you try something new every now and again.

8 Color-Correcting Concealer

When oddly-colored concealers first became a thing, people were pretty confused about the idea of smearing green on your face. But surprise! Putting on a green concealer before you put on your foundation can actually make you look way less tired, effectively covering the dark shadows under your eyes and the red patches on your face. Ensuring you have one of these handy as well as your regular concealer will make you feel better on those days when sleep hasn't been kind to you, and the shadows under your eyes are darker than ever.

7 A Waterproof Mascara

A waterproof mascara is far more necessary than a normal mascara.

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When you're a mom, things happen when it comes to your child. You'll be sweating a lot running after them, or tearing up because of those post-pregnancy hormones, or simply because being a mom is just plain emotional — thanks, kid!

In this case, it's a great idea to keep a trusted waterproof mascara handy to keep your eyelashes volumized and a good, deep black, so that even if your kid makes you cry or chase around after them in the boiling hot sun, your eyelashes will remain on point.

6 Lipgloss

Lipstick is, quite possibly, the most flighty, fickle, of all make-up types. Eat or drink something and you'll lose it, and chasing after your kid all day means you may not have the time to touch it up. It'll also be the first thing to go if you have a small child who hasn't yet learned boundaries and likes to rub their hands all over your face.

In this case, lipgloss is a much better option. It'll keep your lips shiny and looking good without having the potential disastrous smearing of a colorful lipstick. Keep your favorite handy, and you'll always be good to go quickly, since it doesn't take as much careful application.

5 A Good Blush For Your Skin Tone

When you're self-conscious about being tired, you might be worried about looking peaky (depending on your skin tone!). A good way to counter this might be to have a blush handy that instantly floods some color into your cheeks and makes you look far more awake.

4 White Eyeliner

Speaking of being awake!

Eyeliner is something else that takes some careful application and the darker the color, the more this is true. But if you need a quick pick-me-up, a great tip is to add a white eyeliner to the inside of your waterline. This makes your eyes look wider and in turn, tricks people into thinking you're more awake than you actually are.

Ha! Now no one will guess you were up all night tending to a crying child.

3 Bronzer

Another way to make your skin looked more refreshed and healthy — particularly if you want to look more tanned, if you happen to be more fair-skinned — is bronzer. This is more of a last resort and not essential to any make-up look, but dust some around your forehead and cheekbones to give yourself a healthy glow.

2 A Good Multi-Purpose Brush

When you're a mom, money goes on necessities for the children, not necessarily make-up — and some make-up items can be incredibly expensive. How do you counter this?

Well, brushes for one are very expensive, and cosmetic brands will market a brush for every use. The truth is, if you get one and rinse it off between uses, it can work for a variety of things. Why buy a separate brush for blush, highlight, and contour, when you could buy a great quality one that will work for all three? It'll save you money and probably some time too, since you won't have to dig around in your make-up bag for so many brushes.

1 A Red Lipstick

Although most of these items are practical tips to make you feel better if you're tired or insecure, there's one thing that's invaluable for any mom in a different way.

Sometimes, being a mom doesn't feel glamorous and sometimes, you want to feel that way. The quickest way to do so is to apply a red lipstick. It'll make you look and feel bold and confident, and if you're going on a date night, to a party — or, really, anywhere — this will make you feel great. And we all need that sometimes.

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