Woman Creates Makeup Brushes With Her Own Hair

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Listen, we appreciate a good hack when we see one. While most of them are pretty pointless and seem to make your life harder and not easier (seriously, a hack should not three times as long to do than the thing you're trying to hack!), there are some really good ones out there. Especially when it comes to makeup! Using a spoon to get that perfect cat-eye winged liner, making your own easy brush cleaner, or getting glitter nail polish off your nails without a sandblaster - these are the hacks we need and use! But sometimes, a hack jumps the shark in a pretty major way and leaves us all scratching our heads. Recently, a tweet showing a makeup brush hack went viral, and for all the wrong reasons. The video showed a women making her own makeup brushes. That seems fine? Except she was making her own makeup brushes out of ... her own hair. The line has been crossed, there's no going back now.

This video made us cringe at several different points, and it's only like 18 seconds long. We get it, makeup brushes are expensive. And we've seen hacks that we can do at home that will preserve or extend the life of our makeup brushes. We really appreciate those! But THIS? This is a step too far.

First of all, who would be willing to just hack off a chunk of their hair like that? It's not even in a place you can cover or disguise. It's literally right by her face. And she cut off like a full six inches of hair, to use about two centimeters of it. WHY? Just a huge chunk of hair, a pencil, some school glue, and voila! You too can have a janky hair cut and a makeup brush that would've cost like $4 at a drugstore. The end of the brush wasn't even straight, you guys.

Natural hair makes great makeup brushes (the cuticles have great blending and pick-up properties), so we're not knocking natural brushes at all. And we get it if you don't want to use brushes made from animal hair or fur for ethical reasons. But there is an easier way. If you want to try making makeup brushes from your own hair, might we suggest collecting some from your next salon visit? Just ask your stylist to rubber band a bit of the hair they're already going to be cutting. Don't hack your hair off for this "hack", people. We beg of you.

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