Most Moms Feel Pressured To Put On Makeup After Giving Birth

A recent survey by Cosmetify, a makeup company, has found that 77% of moms in the U.K. put makeup on after giving birth. The mothers surveyed were between the ages of 18 and 32, and many of them reported that they felt pressured to look good for photos or visitors. Of these respondents, some women reported putting makeup on in as little as 20 minutes after giving birth. However, the average time that women reported to wait before doing their makeup after birth was 2.5 hours.

Giving birth itself is such a huge, overwhelming, and exhausting experience. Your body truly does get put through the wringer, and even the time afterwards can be an absolute whirlwind of emotions and hormones. The fact that women are feeling pressured to worry about their appearance during such a time is a shame.

Of the women surveyed, the reasons why they wanted to run to the makeup so soon after giving birth were varied. 31% wanted to look good for the first photo of their baby, 26% wanted to look good for visitors, while over half of the women surveyed felt like putting on makeup was a priority because of the pressures they felt from family and friends. Social media also played a role, with some women feeling the pressure to look good because of it, and approximately three-quarters of all the women surveyed announcing the birth on social media on the same day.

And the quest to look good after birth was not just tied to the use of cosmetics. 64% of the women surveyed reported that they got other beauty treatments done as well prior to going to the hospital for the birth. These services included spray tans and getting their nails done.

The entire process of giving birth can be incredibly physically intense. Not to mention the fact that you are meeting this new baby, and feeling all of those emotions that come along with welcoming a brand new member of the family. If you just had a baby, just know that you don't need to feel the pressure to look perfect. After all you've accomplished with pregnancy and birth, you will seem like a goddess regardless.

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