Make Bath Time Fun Again: 20 Pinterest-Inspired Bathroom Designs That Kids Will Love

Where do we go when looking for decorating inspiration? Pinterest! The fun thing about spending hours (*ahem*) on Pinterest is that it’s possible to find more than enough ideas to get started on decorating every room in the house. We often think about the living room and the bedrooms first, but the bathrooms in our homes could use some TLC, too.

Designing a bathroom that our kids will love is only a few clicks away. We can try different themes, use fun color combinations and even do some DIY to make decorative items to place in the bathroom. Turning an everyday wastebasket into something whimsical is what inspirational decor is all about.

We can also make the bathrooms friendly for those with little hands and little legs. Stepping stools, bathtub stickers, and toy storage containers that snap onto the tub can be part of the whole decorating theme. The fun is in finding new ways to incorporate the trends and styles that our kids will love into a functional and safe bathroom for everyday use.

It should also be adaptable as the children grow so that parents can change up the look easily over time. Check out these 20 Pinterest-inspired bathroom designs that kids will absolutely love!

20 Rainbows And Stripes

Via: Pinterest

Sometimes all you need to do is add a rainbow-striped shower curtain, some wall decals that reference bathing and a fish-mobile hanging from the ceiling to create the perfect kid-friendly bathroom. For the tub, place a non-slip bath mat in bright colors or stripes to prevent slips and falls. You can use the colors from the stripes as accents throughout the rest of the decor. Think red toothbrush holder, blue soap dispenser, yellow wastebasket with rainbow stickers, and pink or green soft bathroom rug.

19 Adorable Owls

Via: Pinterest

Does your kid love owls? I certainly do! Owls are really cute, and you can find all kinds of owl-themed items. A tree-shaped toothbrush holder with little owls on it and an owl-shaped soap dispenser make this bathroom look very welcoming. There is even a rinse cup holder in the shape of an owl! Complete the bathroom look with owl towels and shower curtain.

It’s all up to you how many owls you want in the bathroom! You can also complement some of the colors, using the soft green and pink as accents in the decorations.

18 Under The Sea

Via: Pinterest

Decals are a great way to decorate the bathroom. This particular design has blue whales, a blue octopus, colorful fish, and green seaweed. Create a scene with the decals as if your child is under the sea. Then use the color scheme of the decals to complete the look: greens and blues. Finding other accents that coordinate with the decals, like a whale soap dispenser or octopus body wash, will help bring it all together for a bathroom design that your kid will love!

17 Monkey See, Monkey Do

Via: Pinterest

Monkeys are adorable, fun, and they are perfect for a bathroom decor theme! This bathroom uses brown, green, and blue as an allusion to the monkey’s natural habitat. Monkey and tree decals are placed strategically throughout the room. Even the little stepping stool has a matching baby monkey on it! What’s great is that you can find entire bathroom decorating kits that have everything you need, which makes it so much easier to put together. Kids are bound to love this fun bathroom design.

16 Let Dinosaurs Roam

Via: Pinterest

Rawr! These dinosaurs will come roaring through the bathroom. You can find dinosaurs in a range of colors, so don’t be afraid to add pink or yellow instead of sticking to the green and blue pictured above. You also don’t need to stick to the same dino-themed set. As long as everything works well together, you can design your own version of a dinosaur-themed bathroom. Add a few dinosaur bath toys to complete the theme. Dinosaurs roam the Earth once again...well, sort of.

15 Rubber Duckie Is The One

Via: Pinterest

Rubber ducks are a mainstay when it comes to bathroom decorating, so why not take it a step further and decorate the entire bathroom as a tribute to our beloved rubber friend? You can use rubber duckie decals for the walls, add portraits of rubber duckie’s relatives, and even fold washcloths into the shape of rubber duckies. Accent the bathroom in the same bright shade of yellow and ta-da! You have a fun, kid-friendly bathroom. Sometimes it really is that easy.

14 Orange Dreamsicle

Via: Pinterest

Orange might be a daring color, but it certainly works for a bathroom theme. A bright-colored bathroom can also become a favorite of the adults in the household. Older children might like the slightly more grown-up look of this bathroom, but it’s still fun enough to appeal to the kid in all of us. Touches of blue, yellow, and red add more interest to the bathroom so that it isn’t just the one color. Your bathroom design can go as bold as this vibrant orange.

13 Just Think Orange And Pink

If we are going to go bold, let’s really go for it! Does your child have two or more favorite colors? Combine them in a mix-and-match style bathroom like the one featured above. Orange and pink go very well together. Bright and bold colors also have a tendency to make our moods brighter and happier, so a bathroom decorated with such vivid colors is bound to cheer up everyone who enters it. I also love these two colors and think that this bathroom is one of the most fun I have ever seen.

12 Lego-Themed Bathroom

Via: Pinterest

Legos are loads of fun. There's just something wonderful about building something out of those little interconnecting blocks. Design a Lego bathroom where none of the Legos get underfoot (because that would hurt). Look for kid-friendly Lego bathroom accessories and add softer touches, like rugs and towels, with either Lego prints or bright Lego colors to complete the design. Lego block-shaped soaps or toys would also make bathtime more fun for your little ones. This bathroom design also works very well for older kids, too.

11 Mermaid Fantasy

Via: Pinterest

Indulge your inner mermaid with this bathroom decor idea, which can be tailored for small children or appeal to preteens and teens. For smaller children, use mermaid-shaped accessories that are designed for little hands. You can do a mermaid theme that looks more like The Little Mermaid or create a grown-up version of the theme like featured above. Older teens will appreciate the soft pastels and ombre look of mermaid scales without the cartoonish accessories meant for toddlers. This is a bathroom design that can be updated as your child grows.

10 Baseball bathroom

Via: Pinterest

Go vintage with the theme, as pictured above, or pick a favorite team to pay tribute to in the bathroom. You can even play with baseball team colors. A younger version of this theme could resemble the toys from Fisher-Price, but it is a theme that can work for kids of all ages. The key is choosing age-appropriate accessories to make it work. You can also keep it simple by just using baseball-themed accessories if you don’t want to paint the walls or use wallpaper.

9 Calling All Superheroes

Via: Pinterest

Does your child have a favorite superhero? Design a bathroom for your child around the theme of their favorite superhero or superheroes. You can do it in a subtle way, like pictured above with a Gotham cityscape shower curtain, a Batman rug, and black towels. Or, you can go fully into it with every accessory in the bathroom fitting the theme. That would mean Batman soap dispensers, toothbrushes, stepping stool, and hand towels. Wall decals can also add to the bathroom design that you choose.

8 Let's Go Glam

Via: Pinterest

Your preteen daughter will love this bathroom design. It is glam-inspired with black brushstroke wallpaper, splashes of pink and a gold-tone mirror frame. There is lots of lighting for makeup application or skin care and spa treatments. Metallics are a great way to add a glamorous touch to your older children’s bathrooms. A pink shower curtain or metallic one with pink accents would look great in this bathroom. I would love this bathroom design for myself, to be honest. It is elegant, pristine, and comforting all at the same time.

7 Feline Inspiration

Via: Pinterest

Celebrate your love of felines with a cat-themed bathroom. If your child loves animals, then you can help appreciate that love with a themed focused on your child’s favorite animal. I choose cats. A shower curtain with a cat print and a few cat-shaped items, like toothbrush holders and soap dispensers, can complete the look with ease. You can even add more cats with wall decals and portraits. If cats also live with you, they will likely be a frequent visitor to your child’s bathroom. An actual cat in a cat-themed bathroom is an Inception-level moment.

6 All About Teal And Orange

Via: Pinterest

Sometimes coordinating colors is all it takes to design the perfect bathroom for kids. Teal and orange are bright, fun colors. To make the design look more interesting, choose contrasting patterns for some of the accessories. The shower curtain’s gingham pattern, the wastebasket’s interlocking squares, and the towel’s striped pattern add texture to the decor. For smaller children, you can add other accessories designed just for them following the same color scheme. This bathroom design works for children of all ages, even the ones who might be graduating from high school soon.

5 Letters And Numbers

Via: Pinterest

Decorate your kid’s bathroom with letters and numbers. The bathroom can remind them of preschool and inspire them to review their ABCs and numbers. You can even get bath toys that look like letters and numbers. The possibilities are endless! And if you feel like doing some crafts, you could also make soap cubes that look like alphabet blocks.

This bathroom design is really cute and educational, and your kids will love that it reminds them of preschool and kindergarten.

4 Totally Out Of This World

Via: Pinterest

We might not be able to travel across galaxies yet, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t decorate our bathrooms like the night sky. You can put star decals all over the bathroom (glow-in-the-dark is an added bonus) or cosmic wallpaper. Galaxies can grace the shower curtain. Choose accessories that are connected to outer space in some way, such as stars and moons and planets. Spaceship toys or soaps can complete the theme. In the case of this bathroom design, the stars are the limit.

3 Polka Dots And Frogs

Via: Pinterest

When it comes to bathroom decor for kids, you can’t go wrong with bright colors and cute animals. Green polka dots with frog accessories really make this bathroom shine. Your kids will probably love spending time in a bathroom that is as fun and bright as this one. In fact, we might be adults, but a fun and colorful bathroom would brighten our days. We go to the bathroom first thing in the morning, so it should bring us some cheer and set the mood for the day!

2 Hints Of Colors

Via: Pinterest

Instead of completely redesigning your bathroom, you can just add hints of color. Accessories like clocks, hand towels, soaps, stepping stools, and bath rugs can contribute to a fun and gender-neutral bathroom design. It’s also easier to change it up as your child grows. Orange, green, and blue are appealing and relaxing colors that can make the bathroom a relaxing haven — as it should be. This bathroom design works well for kids of all ages, so it can work for your toddler and your teenager.

1 Glitzy Unicorn

Via: Pinterest

Last but not least, we have glitz and unicorns. These are two of my favorite things. Rainbows, glitter, and unicorns can be found in abundance in today’s stores. One of the places where I shop is Five Below, and you could find all sorts of accessories to add to your kid’s bathroom. The glitter unicorn shower curtain by Mercury Row can be found online (used to be sold on Wayfair) for easy delivery. You can also modify and adapt this theme to include decor items that are available around your area or online. Mixing and matching is sometimes part of the fun.

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