• Kids are really interested in politics these days, but according to a new poll, they don't think that politicians listen to them. 1 / 8

    Kid voting
  • The poll by UNICEF USA shows that gun issues and bullying are the top issues for kids. 2 / 8

    Kid voting
  • They are also interested in the environment and making sure people are treated fairly. 3 / 8

  • Kids also are concerned about poverty. 4 / 8

    Kid peeking under voting booth
  • While kids can't vote yet, many of their concerns are the same as millennials. 5 / 8

    Kid waiting on parent to vote
  • The issues, that kids care about, reflect what is happening in schools and how they are being raised. 6 / 8

  • They will be in the voting booths in the next couple of election cycles, so politicians should take note of their concerns. 7 / 8

    Kids with voting buttons
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