If 8 To 17-Year-Olds Could Vote, What Would Be Their Major Concerns

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Kids are more politically active than ever, even though they don't have the right to vote until they are 18. While political candidates still try to convince the 18 to 34-year-old bracket to show up to the polls, youngsters like, Greta Thunberg, makes us aware that the next generation is already really passionate. This means they are likely to be more involved as young adults.

A new poll commissioned by UNICEF USA took a look into the issues that kids, 8 to 17-years-old, care about. About 90 percent said, they were worried about something in their life, and the issues go well beyond their lives.

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Bullying remains a top issue, with 45 percent of kids responding to it, but it's not the number one concern of young people. Even more, kids are worried about gun and other types of violence against children. While that is a pretty heavy issue for a child to worry about, it isn't surprising, considering that every school has drills about what to do in the case of a mass shooting.

The spot for third place had a tie; about 36 percent of kids are concerned about not having enough money, and about things that might hurt the environment.

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With a major election underway, about 41 percent of kids don't feel like politicians are listening to their concerns. The number one priority for a president, according to 60 percent of the children polled, should be keeping kids safe from guns. Poverty is second on the list. Making sure that all people are treated the same, no matter their differences, came in at number three.

Since some of those kids might be able to vote next November, politicians should be concerned this election cycle, about what they think. Moreover, a lot of these concerns are likely to reach the millennial voters as well.

Kids are really passionate about safety and fairness. They are certainly keyed in to the problems facing them at school, like bullying and mass shootings. However, they also place value on the fair treatment of people and the environment.

This survey reflects on the way in which kids are being raised these days. It shows that parents are teaching kids to be kind and respectful to people and things. Kids are our future, and pretty soon they will be voters, so it's worth it for politicians to start paying attention to their issues.

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