Macy’s Was Selling Plates That Shamed Women For 'Overeating'

Kitchenware with puns or a kitchy theme are a great for decor. They bring a little lighthearted fun into an otherwise boring space. But sometimes, things that are meant to be funny, don't always make the desired impact. Someone posted a picture of a plate on Twitter at Macy's. While the plate was supposed to be helpful, or even funny, it missed the mark.

Alie Ward shared a picture of the plates on Twitter. They have three circles, denoting portion sizes. The largest portion reads "Mom jeans," while the smallest reads "skinny jeans." Honestly, there are so many things wrong with what these plates are insinuating.

The plates were made by a brand called Pourtions. Macy's was selling them through their in-store concept shop Story. In Ward's tweet, you can see another portion plate with lines reading "foodie" and "food coma."

First off, moms can wear whatever kind of jeans they want. And to imply that if you eat a full plate, you need "mom" jeans is garbage. It's safe to assume in this instance that when they say "mom jeans," they mean postpartum jeans or pregnancy jeans. You know, the kind of jeans you wear as your body is changing from carrying a person inside of it.

"Skinny" jeans are already a style of jeans made for any size. But we know they mean the jeans you put on when you're at your thinnest. And yes, some women still use that as a standard. But with vanity sizing and shifting perspectives, this is such a backwards way of thinking.

Thankfully, when Ward posted the tweet, she tagged Macy's. After seeing the tweet, the company was quick to respond. And their acknowledgment of their huge misstep was apparent. "We appreciate you sharing this with us and agree that we missed the mark on this product. It will be removed from all STORY at Macy's locations," the tweet reads.

While the concept of watching your portions isn't a bad idea, the plates miss the mark. There is a lack of nuance when it comes to what you're eating, not just how much of it. A full plate of veggies, or a balanced meal is definitely different than a plate full of cookies. And for most people, being healthy goes far beyond portions. Every body is different, and what could be a large portion for one person may be acceptable for someone else.

Sure, shame works for some people trying to lose weight. But it is incredibly damaging for others. And a national retailer like Macy's needs to be aware of the harm they can be doing.

Even though the whole situation could have been avoided, it's great to see such a large company take responsibility for their misstep.

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