Lush Is Launching 54 New Bath Bombs

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Happy birthday to Lush! In a completely extra show of birthday extravagance, the cosmetics retailer famous for its amazing assortment of beautiful bath products will be dropping its largest collection of bath bombs to date.

In honor of the company's 30 year anniversary, they will be releasing 54 new bath bombs later this month. Boom, that's a lot of self care!

Although Lush sells many different products including soaps, body washes, scrubs and lotions, they are probably the most well-known for their iconic colorful bath bombs that fizz and explode in the water in an incredibly arsty visual display. In many of their stores they have display pools set up so you can see this in action yourself prior to purchasing. Bath bombs are fun, aesthetically pleasing and make wonderful gifts. It's no wonder they are a favorite in the realm of self care products.

And when it comes to bath bombs, Lush is kind of a big deal. Mo Constantine, the company's co-founder, invented the first bath bomb in a garden shed 30 years ago. Inspired by the fizzing action of an Alka-Seltzer tablet, he was inspired to make the iconic product that has revolutionized bath time for years to follow.

So it's downright poetic that the company has chosen to commemorate their three decades of making with such a massive launch. Although the retailer has released seasonal collections before, this will be the largest collection to date to be released all at once. With this launch, the company will have almost 100 different types of bath bombs.

This collection is set to feature some new products but also some old favorites.  Among the celebratory collection there will be some limited edition bath bombs brought back that Lush fans may already be familiar with. As expected, there will be  the fizzing, eye dazzling explosive bath bombs that the company is famous for, and additionally some bath bombs that will crack open exposing things like tea bags and bath salts.

So happy birthday, and thank you to Lush! If you want to get a sneak peek at what they have available (because 52 is a lot of bath bombs to sort through) then head on over to their website.

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