This Lumpy Space Princess From 'Adventure Time' Costume Is So Easy To Make

lumpy space princess

The final season of Cartoon Network's hilarious (if slightly not kid-friendly) show Adventure Time concluded last month. For 10 seasons, we followed the antics of Finn and Jake as they lived in the mystical Land of Ooo. Maybe your older kids were fans, or maybe you never missed an episode! Cartoons for adults are usually pretty great, but Adventure Time was in a class of its own and will be sorely missed. This Halloween, however, is the perfect time to pay tribute to one of the show's iconic characters.

An homage, if you will, to the delightfully rude and sassy Lumpy Space Princess. Now, LPS isn't an easy costume to pull off; for one, she's quite ... lumpy. But if you've got a roly-poly baby, now is the perfect time to make use of their rolls for this super simple DIY Lumpy Space Princess costume.

To transform your baby into Lumpy Space Princess, you'll need just a few supplies.

You'll need a plain white cotton onesie, or a long-sleeve shirt with leggings. You'll be dyeing the fabric, so make sure it's a natural fiber that will absorb the clothing dye. Rit Dye works great (to get the violet color of LPS, combine Petal Pink and Purple.

Follow the directions on the bottle of dye (the traditional method is to soak the clothing in a bucket or the sink, but don't use the sink method if you've got a porcelain or fiberglass sink, the dye will stain!). Fill the bucket or sink with enough hot water to cover the fabric. If you want to make the color really pop, add a cup of salt. You can also add a teaspoon of dish detergent to make sure the dye distributes equally.

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Slowly stir the garments in the dye for the first ten minutes. The first ten minutes are crucial! You have to stir continuously to ensure even color distribution. Depending on the color and type of fabric you're using, results will take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, so check the garments regularly to see if you've got the color you need. Once you've got the perfect shade, rinse in cool water until the water runs clear, and run the garments through a wash cycle with mild detergent.

"Oh my glob!" is what you'll say when the whole thing comes together.

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And voila! For this DIY Lumpy Space Princess costume, the onesie, leggings, and socks were dyed. The trademark Lumpy head was achieved with a crocheted beanie (this one was made by @BubbleGumPonys, but you can find a simple crochet pattern here). Your can-of-biscuits baby will be the cutest Lumpy Space Princess ever.

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