Mom Denies Any Wrongdoing In 10-Month-Old's 'Accidental' Hot Car Death

As summer heats up, all parents could use this very important reminder: never, EVER leave your baby or child in the car! Sadly, we read stories each summer of children dying after being left in a hot car for too long. The temperature inside of a car that's baking in the summer heat can rise to deadly levels very quickly, and even a few minutes of being in that kind of heat can have a negative affect on a small baby or child. We know that sometimes it's easier to unload the groceries or run inside for a quick second while your kids are safely stalled in their car seats - but again, the temperature inside that car is deadly. A mother in Virginia is denying any wrongdoing after her 10-month-old daughter died after being left in the hot car. Authorities aren't sure what to make of the circumstances around the girl's death, which the mother is calling an accident.

The little girl, identified by her mother as 10-month-old Luciana Kaye Diaz, suffered cardiac arrest and died on the way to the hospital after authorities say she was left in a hot car by her mother. But the mother, who has not been identified, denies that she did anything wrong, and called it a tragic accident. The mother said she took little Luciana shopping with her at the Food Lion in Chesterfield, Virginia. According to sources, the mother left the child in the car while she went inside and did her grocery shopping.

But the mother claims Luciana entered the store with her. When they returned home, the mother says she did in fact leave the child in the car while she unloaded the groceries, but claims the doors and windows were open. According to the mother, Luciana was throwing a tantrum, so she calmed her down and continued unloading the car. When she was finished, she went to get Luciana and found her unresponsive. The mother called 911, but sadly the little girl died on the way to hospital. The mother claims she wasn't unloading groceries for long, and called Luciana's death an accident.

The case is being investigated by the Richmond Police Department’s Major Crimes division, and authorities said that foul play is not immediately suspected. They have declined to say whether charges will be filed against the mother, saying that the investigation is ongoing.

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