This New Elmo Toy Gives Actual Hugs, And It's Pretty Adorable


With so many different versions of the Elmo doll that have appeared on store shelves, it’s hard to pick a favorite one. The lovable, furry red Muppet character who calls Sesame Street his permanent abode has been a favorite toddler toy for years. Well now there’s a chance that your child will want yet another Elmo doll to add to his or her collection, as this one seems to be the cutest one yet.

According to Romper, kids are going to love this Love to Hug Elmo. And yes, the toy does exactly what you expect it to do: it offers hugs to those needing a little extra cuddle. Instead of asking for tickles, all this Elmo wants to do is offer a hug, which might be the easiest way to offer a little emotional support and a whole lot of love.

As many parents and Elmo fans know, Elmo dolls have always managed to create lots of excitement (if not also chaos) as the must-have toy in the season. The peak of Elmo’s popularity came back in 1996 with the debut of the Tickle Me Elmo doll. By the end of 1997, some parents were spending up to $1,500 for a doll that holiday season. In 2018, Elmo also won the distinguished Best Toy of the Year Award by Parents Magazine with the Let’s Dance Elmo toy.

Elmo first made his debut on Sesame Street back in 1980. It didn’t take very long for fans to fall in love with the endearing character, who has managed to become a mainstay on the popular children’s television series.

Unfortunately, for those who are looking for a little Elmo lovin’ they will have to wait as the Love to Hug Elmo doll won’t hit store shelves until later this year. In addition to its soft and furry belly, the Love to Elmo doll also comes with two AA batteries.

Standing at 13 inches, this Elmo throws up his arms to give you a hug, should you need or ask for one. It’s really that simple. All Elmo wants is to spread a little love and joy into your home. The Love to Hug Elmo will be available in large retailers, is recommended for kids aged 18 months to 4-years-old, and will cost approximately $30.

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