Laid-Off Father Gets Hundreds Of Job Offers After Handing Out Resumes On The Side Of The Road

A Phoenix man took thinking outside the box to a whole new level when he found himself suddenly without a job. Thirty-year-old Patrick Hoagland is a husband and father who found himself suddenly unemployed after being laid off from his job. Wanting to try to get his resume into as many hands as possible, the recently unemployed Hoagland stood on a local street in the 110-degree heat and handed out his resume to anyone who would take it.

Hoagland had been out of work for about a month when he decided to try something new in his job search. "I definitely had fear," Hoagland told Good Morning America. "My wife and I, we don't make a whole lot of money individually. Once I lost my job, everything was put on her."

Despite applying for a number of jobs both online and in-person, Hoagland said he still hadn't had any solid leads. "I wasn't getting any responses," he said. "I was getting frustrated. It popped into my head, stand on a corner and hold a sign and hand out resumes. At first, I laughed about it...and then it kind of went crazy."

Melissa DiGianfilippo, who owns Phoenix marketing firm Serendipit Consulting crossed paths with Hoagland and took a resume. "I gestured for him to come over, grabbed his resume, and the light changed, so I had no time to talk to him," DiGianfilippo told Arizona Family. Instead of just looking at the resume to see if she had any employment opportunities that would fit with Hoagland's experience, DiGianfilippo decided to post his resume on both her Twitter and Facebook pages to see if she could get others to share it.

"I was driving down Camelback Rd in Phx near my office and saw this guy on the side of the road with a smile in 110-degree heat, with a sign asking people to take his resume," she wrote on Twitter. "I love that he was not asking for a handout, just for people to consider him for a job. #pleaseshare #job"

"I just thought, I have a wide network so I'll post it on social media and see what happens and it was crazy. It blew up," said DiGianfilippo. And boy did it blow up. After just two days online, Hoagland found himself with hundreds of job offers. "It was crazy. It was hard to navigate my phone for a little bit, but I received so many great offers," Hoagland said. "I received offers from companies that wouldn't hire you without experience, but because they saw my determination, they offered me a position without even an interview."

Hey friends! I was driving down Camelback Road near my office and spotted this guy, Patrick, on the side of the road...

Posted by Melissa DiGianfilippo on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hoagland has already accepted a job with a concrete grinding company thanks to his initiative in handing out his resumes and DiGianfilippo for posting it on social media. "I can't say thank you enough to everybody," Hoagland told GMA. "I had a lot of people who sent messages that weren't necessarily job offers but were well-wishes [saying], 'Good luck in your search.' It was nice to see that.'"

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