USC Will Not Let Lori Loughlin's Daughters Olivia Jade And Isabella Withdraw

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Since the college admission scandal broke, there have been reports that Olivia Jade and Isabella Giannulli, daughters of actress Lori Loughlin and designer Mossimo Giannulli withdrew from the University of Southern California. As reports have been coming in, we're learning that the scandal ring is very deep, and since their parents have gained a lot of media attention, the girls left the school to lay low while court continued. But we've learned that the girls are still technically enrolled in USC. Due to the ongoing investigation, USC isn't allowing the girls (or any other kids associated with the scandal) to withdraw.

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According to a statement from USC:

"We are conducting a case-by-case review of any students who may be associated with the alleged admissions scheme. USC has placed holds on the accounts of students who may be associated with the alleged admissions scheme; this prevents the students from registering for classes (until they have agreed to participate in the review of their case), withdrawing from the university, or acquiring transcripts while their cases are under review. Among many factors investigators could consider in reviewing each case are any developments in the criminal cases, including plea deals by parents. Following these case-by-case reviews, we will take the proper action related to each student’s status, up to revoking admission or expulsion."

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As of right now, even though they cannot withdraw, neither girl is attending classes. US Weekly notes that not attending could affect their academic standing outside of the scandal. But we're not sure if they're not attending just to lay low, or if the holds on their accounts make it hard to attend/not worth it to attend. Given that the investigation is ongoing, they will likely not attend any more classes before the end of the school year, which should be within the next month or so.

And we learned today, Loughlin and Giannulli have yet to enter a plea deal, and as a result, a new set of much more serious charges have been added. These new charges could result in a minimum of five years in prison.

While it is clear that Olivia Jade likely isn't bothered by not attending classes, it's hard to say the same for Isabella. Entertainment Tonight reports that Isabella "was far more invested in college and would loved to have completed USC." And Olivia Jade, who is reportedly angry with her parents for damaging her brand, never wanted to attend college in the first place.

Even though we don't know what's going to happen until Loughlin and Giannulli reach a plea agreement, it's safe to say, the girls won't be returning to USC.

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