Lori Loughlin May Be Sued By USC Over College Bribery Scandal

Months after the initial news of the college admissions scandal broke, we're still getting new information. Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli are yet again at the center of some new drama. This time the issues see them pitted directly against the University of Southern California (USC,) the school they're accused to bribing for their daughters' guaranteed admission. We're now learning that USC and the couple could be embroiled in a court case of their own in the future.

The law firm that represents Loughlin and Giannulli, Latham & Watkins, also represents USC in cases completely separate. But the couple's legal team from the firm did write a letter to the prosecution in May making them aware. Apparently they believe that there could a day in court directly between the couple and USC in the future. “It is possible that USC may have civil disputes with one or both sometime in the future,” the letter states.

While that statement could make it seem that USC would be taking legal action, no one knows for sure. It is entirely possible that Loughlin and Giannulli take legal action against the school. That would seem more likely, given the fact that Loughlin has talked about the school being out to get her.

According to the LA Times, more than half of the 33 parents involved in Operation Varsity Blues (as it's called) were bribing their kids' way into USC. Naturally, this is all resulting in very negative publicity with the school, which has hired a new president. They could choose to take legal action against any or all of the parents involved as a form of damage control to save face. Donna Heinel, the senior associate athletic director was fired due to her involvement with the scandal. She's pleaded not guilty.

According to a motion the prosecution filed recently, they're describing USC as victims of fraud. If they're taking this stance, then it is entirely possible that they take legal action against any parents involved with Singer and his "charity." Given that Loughlin and Giannulli are painting themselves as victims in this, there's a chance they try to take the school to court first. As a result of the scandal, Loughlin was dropped from the Hallmark Channel. She's likely not working right now and giving all her attention to the case.

USC can also face lawsuits from the students whose parents are involved in the case. One of the students, Adam Semprevivo, is suing Georgetown to keep them from nullifying his credits. His parents pleaded guilty to the fraud conspiracy charges. Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose, Loughlin's daughters were not allowed to withdraw from USC or attend classes after the court case was filed. But the lawyers from Loughlin's team said the girls have hired their own legal council.

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