People Are Rocking Extra Long Toenails This Summer


It pains us to bring you this news and potentially ruin what has hopefully been a very nice summer for you so far. But we feel as though it is our duty to report on this ... disturbing trend. Honestly, disturbing might not be a strong enough word for what we are about to show you. Now, we feel very strongly that a manicure and pedicure is top-notch self-care. We encourage you to sneak away for one as often as you can! There really is nothing like sitting in that chair and just lying back with your eyes closed while someone makes your hands and feet pretty (and the massage doesn't hurt either!).

But listen: if we were getting a pedicure and someone next to us was doing this to their toenails, we may have to get up and leave. The newest trend in summer feet is (brace yourselves): extra long toenails.

Now, there's a long toenail, and then there's ... these. These are not just long toenails. These are actual talons. Toenails like this click and clack on the ground when you're walking. These toenails eliminate approximately 99.9% of sandal and shoe options because they just wouldn't fit. You know when your shoes are too small and your toes sort of peek over the edge? These are like that except the nails aren't peeking, they're literally plunging over the edge like a flying squirrel trying to get to the nearest tree. See for yourselves!

OK, full stop: this looks like the lady walked into the salon and asked the technician to make her toenails look like teeth. Why would you do this?! But they're not as bad as these...

Make it stop, you guys. We beg of you, whoever is doing this, no more. If you think these are bad, we have some terrible news, and we are so sorry for the next two pictures.

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Soooooooo sorry! But, one more...

Long nails don’t care 💥 🤷🏻‍♀️ - YAY OR NAY ? #nailsunnytutorial

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VERY VERY SORRY! Joey from Friends levels of sorry! But we also have a question (OK, we have lots of questions): how on earth do you actually wear shoes with those nails?! Do you say excuse me as you walk close to people, for fear that you'll stab them with your toenail? If you have carpet or a shaggy rug, do you walk on your heels so you don't catch your 4-inch toenail in a loop of fiber? How? Why? How and why? We may never actually recover from seeing this, and these extra-long toenails have us longing for sock and boot season, STAT.

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