People Trying To Make A Scandal Over Fact That Mom Of Ryan ToysReview Was Once Jailed

If you've got a younger kid who watches YouTube, then you are likely familiar with the kid behind the channel Ryan ToysReview. Ryan Kaji, the 7-year-old star of the channel, started out pretty much just opening toys and making cute videos about the "unboxing". He and his parents turned that into a multi-million dollar YouTube empire. Seriously, MILLIONS of dollars. In addition to the YT channel, Ryan now has an entire line of toys, surprise eggs, and merchandise. His videos have been viewed more than 30 billion times, and the channel and related endeavors raked in approximately $22 million for the family in 2018. He's the highest-earning star on YouTube, and one of their most powerful influencers. Now obviously, with that kind of fame and success, people are always looking for a way to take you down a peg.

Since Ryan is, you know, SEVEN YEARS OLD, you won't find much dirt on him. So naturally, his parents were put under a microscope, and his mom didn't come out of quite so clean. As it turns out, Loann Guan was once arrested for shoplifting, and then spent time in jail for violating her probation. How's that for a surprise egg?

Loan Guan, born Kieu-Loan Thi Nguyen, was arrested in 2002 for trying to steal $93 worth of clothes from a JC Penney in Houston's Almeda Mall.

Credit: Brazoria County Jail

The 18-year-old University of Houston student was facing 60 days in jail for the class B misdemeanor, but given six months probation, a $150 fine, and ordered to complete 40 hours of community service and submit to random drug testing. Loan failed to complete any of her community service, report to the community supervisor, or pay the fees. She was re-arrested for parole violation in 2003, and was sentenced to 60 days in jail. She served 30.

After she was released, Loan enrolled at Texas Tech University to become a teacher. It was there she met her future husband and Ryan's father, Shion Guan. Loan got her teaching credentials in 2012, and worked as a high school chemistry . The couple married in 2010, Ryan was born in 2011, and their YouTube baby was born in 2015. And the rest is very lucrative history.

We just don't see the scandal here, do you? She messed up when she was a college student, she served her time and paid her debt to society, and went on to do some pretty remarkable things. It sucks that people will bring all this up to try and discredit a kid and his family. As long as she's not still shoplifting leisurewear from JC Penney, we could care less what she did nearly 20 years ago.

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