Living With Mila Kunis: 20 Things She Makes Her Kids Do

Actress Mila Kunis has been in the limelight quite a lot when it comes to acting as she quickly became well-known for her role on That 70’s Show. More recently, the actress has been known for her marriage to Ashton Kutcher and as a result, giving birth to two little ones. Although there isn’t a lot out there as to what rules she makes her children follow because they are so young, there are a strict set of rules she and her husband have set for them to develop as good parents.

Although these two do their best to ensure that their two kids are safe at all times, as well as being extremely humble in life, Kunis has made it very clear that she doesn’t want either of her children to be anywhere close to spoiled.

In fact, she has personally vowed to never let that happen. She and Ashton have an excellent parenting bond and are a good team when it comes to their two kids; they are always on the same page which is super important in parenting children. Kids need guidance and many parents out there let their littles run wild without any structure or influence; this is the farthest from how Mila Kunis wants to parent.

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20 She Decides If they're In The Public Eye

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Children of celebrities often don’t get to decide whether or not they want to be in the public eye. From very early ages, their parents usually make that decision for them, but Mila Kunis wants to do things a little different.

Her kids are seen in public from time to time when they are with Mom or Dad, but for the most part, she does her best to keep them out of the spotlight until they can decide whether they want to be in it or not. According to Inquisitr, some fans were not even aware that the couple had a second baby; that's how good they are at keeping the babies out of reach.

19 No Christmas Gifts Until They’re Older


At this stage in life, Mila’s two kids are far too young to understand the meaning of Christmas -- let alone that most of the world celebrating this holiday re accustomed to getting presents!

She wants to raise her kids to understand the definition of a gift and not to expect a bunch of them just because it’s Christmas.

She revealed to Entertainment Weekly that she and Ashton would not be giving their kids presents this year. They would much rather have donations in their name given to places that need it rather than spoil their children. The world wonders what Christmas will be like when the Kutcher kids are older. But as for now, no gifts!

18 The Kids Are 'Poor'

Mila has continuously stated that she wants her kids to grow up humble and not as jerks. To help her on the quest to make her kids grateful for everything they receive, she has made it known to them that she and their father have money, but the kids do not have any.

According to Rebel Circus, it is essential that the Kutcher kids understand that their parents came from nothing and worked very hard to get where they are. So, even though these little ones have wealthy parents, that doesn’t mean that their kids are going to be given anything they want on the spot. They are going to have to work for it, too.

17 No Nannies, Thanks


Celebrity parents everywhere hire nannies to watch over their children while they are away at work. Kutcher and Kunis chose to do things differently and not hire a nanny.

The couple decided that they want to get to know their kids and they can’t do that if they are running off to work all the time and leaving the littles with the help.

According to the Huffington Post, Mila has decided to stay home with her kids—for now—to get close to them, as well as to let them get to know her at the same time. Kutcher expresses how much he loves coming home to his wife every day rather than a nanny.

16 Keeping Busy While Mom Is Working


Although Mila does her best to stay home, there are times when she has to work. Instead of leaving her kids with a nanny, she plans activities for them to do. She takes them to work with her, and there she finds kid-friendly stuff for them to engage in.

Whether this means hitting the park for a bit, heading to the zoo, or even just coloring, she makes sure to keep them busy, according to Young Hollywood. Although she loves staying home with them, she also wants to get back to work, so she’s not going stir-crazy. For this reason, the kids get to go on the road with her.

15 With Dad On The Weekends


The Kutcher clan is all about making time for family. For both Mila and Ashton, work is the last on their list of things to do. During the week, the kids are with Mila even if she is working and on the weekends that is their time with dad. Ashton works a lot while filming for his many TV shows, but according to Motherly, it is well-known that his weekends are strictly reserved for his family and that never changes.

He admits that his family is number one.

So, when he schedules specific times for them, those don’t change—no matter what.

14 Sharing Is Caring

Hollywood Life

Going along with making sure their kids are as humble as can be is making them aware that they need to share with their siblings.

Anybody with a brother or sister knows how hard it can be at times to share when we want something so badly. Even when it comes to their snacks, they are encouraged them to let their sibling have a little.

Dad, Ashton was quoted by ET Online as saying, “So, watching my daughter make a decision about whether or not she’s going to share a cookie is a weird thing…I’m like, ‘Cool, you just made a sacrifice.’ To me, those are the most memorable things.”

13 The Library Is A Must


On more than one occasion Mila Kunis has talked about bringing her children to the library as often as possible to strengthen their knowledge of some topics as well as their reading skills.

She admits to ET Online, that they have library cards for all the towns they frequently visit so they can always be checking out books while they are in town. Their favorite thing to do when it is scorching outside is to take their little ones to the library and read to them for hours.

A book addiction is the best one to have especially for kids!

12 They Will Learn The Value Of Money


It’s almost assumed that each child of a celebrity will get some trust fund when they are old enough, not the Kutcher children though! Mila and Ashton have made it clear that they want their kids to have to work toward the things that they want in life and setting up a trust fund is not going to force them to work.

The pair has revealed to The Penny Hoarder, that when it comes time, they will have no problem investing in their futures if they are asked, but it is important to them that their kids learn to get everything they want in life on their own just like they had to do as a young actor and actress.

11 No Sugar!

The Healthy Mummy

It is common for celebrity parents to put restrictions on aspects of their children’s lives. For Mila Kunis, she has made it a rule that her kids are not to have any sugar. The parents want their kids to be healthy and do not want them to develop a sugar addiction because they were always allowed to eat whatever they want. According to Foods For Better Health, they have followed this rule strictly, and their daughter loves to snack on raisins more than anything else.

Having a no sugar diet may be difficult, but it is leading to very healthy little ones.

10 There Is No Easter Bunny


Mila and Ashton are not yet sure if they are going to introduce their kids to the concept of the Easter Bunny. The reason being that the Easter Bunny means candy and they don’t want their young ones getting hooked on candy and sugar just yet.

Not only that, but according to UPI, the two find the conversation hard when they have to explain to their kids that the Easter Bunny lays eggs, but regular bunnies don’t. They don’t want to confuse them like this and thus, they are thinking to leave the rabbit out of their traditions for now anyway.

9 Must Be Open-Minded


Mila and Ashton want their kids to be open-minded in life. They don’t want them to be spoiled brats who only see what’s in front of them, what they want and that’s it.

According to ET Online, they want their kids to understand what else is out there in the world and that there is much more to life than money and material things.

Mila wants them to experiment with things in life that she thinks some rich kids don’t get the chance to do in because everything is always handed to them. Her kids are going to grow up wanting to help people and explore.

8 Speak More Than One Language


It is unusual for children under the age of two to speak more than one language. Wyatt Kutcher, who is just two years old, can speak two languages fluently and is learning the third.

According to Ashton, his wife’s family speaks Russian, and so he feels that it is essential for his little ones to at least be able to understand it and to communicate with parts of their family. As reported by Elle, little Wyatt can fluently speak and understand English and Spanish and so far she can understand Russian, but she can’t speak it just yet.

Fun fact: Ashton is learning Russian, too!

7 Does Faith Matter?


This couple is kind of all over the place when it comes to the religion they follow. They are known to celebrate Christmas and sort of Easter. However, because Mila is Jewish, they also celebrate things like Shabbat in their home.

They take it seriously, too. According to Cafe Mom, it’s normal for everyone to drink a little vino on Fridays, and this includes the children as well. Mila admits that her daughter wakes up almost every Friday morning asking for her weekly sip of it as part of Shabbat.

It is important for these parents to celebrate each of their religions regardless of how drastically different they are.

6 they Must Have Manners


Manners go hand-in-hand with being humble human beings. Not only do Mila and Ashton make sure to allow their kids to experience life in their way, but they teach them to be good kids as well.

They want their children to understand that their life is going to unfold the way they want it based on their actions.

They will not be given anything without working for it, and in turn, this will teach them the manners that they need to have to make it far in life just as their parents did, according to The Penny Hoarder.

5 There Is Routine, Though


Every family has their little routine, and the Kutcher clan isn’t excluded. Their lives happen to be hectic because of how busy both mom and dad are, but despite that, they have a morning routine down.

The family plans for the morning the night before, making lunch for their daughter Wyatt and making sure her clothes for the next day are picked out. In the morning, Mila goes for the baby as she nurses him and Ashton takes care of getting Wyatt ready. According to Us Magazine, the family then eats breakfast all together before sending their first-born off to school.

4 They Have Their Own Little Personalities

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Each child has their own personality traits even if they are siblings. Mila recently talked to Us Magazine a lot about her kids and revealed how different they truly are from each other.

Mila thought that she would be prepared for baby number two after having the first but boy was she wrong. Her boy is so much more laid back than her daughter, who is always wanting to do activities and learn all the time.

There is no doubt in her mind that both kids will be smart and love to learn, but they do it in very different ways.

3 No Baby Photos, Please

Hello Magazine

Mila and Ashton want their kids to be able to choose whether or not they want to be public figures and for this reason, they don’t share any photos of them nor do they appear in public with them often.

Pictures that are shared at any point in life are sure to stay out in the world for a very long time if not forever and this couple doesn’t want anything to be out there because of them that their kids wouldn’t want. As reported by Glamour, when the kids are older and can understand what the public means, they can choose if they want us to share them with the world but for now, no pictures!

2 Healthy Snacks Only

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The secret to getting a pre-baby body back is hitting the gym and eating healthy according to Mila Kunis. Not only is she eating healthy now that she’s given birth to her second baby but the rest of her family will be following in her footsteps.

According to USA Today, Kunis is really into some eccentric foods such as cauliflower rice or jackfruit. She tries very hard to make very flavorful vegetarian meals that her family will like.

She does this to get them excited about eating rather than bored and awkward when it is dinner time. Despite how busy she is, Mila loves to experiment in the kitchen for her family.

1 Schooling Scuffles

Hollywood Life

Every couple has things that they disagree on. Schooling for their two children happens to be one of those things for Mila and Ashton. It is essential for Mila that her children go to public school like she did because she believes it gave her a chance in life, according to Mercury News.

Ashton on the other hand also went to public school, but he feels as if they aren’t technology-advanced enough for his children to attend and for this reason, he would like them to be homeschooled where he can monitor their education.

They have yet to make a decision being that neither of their kids is school-aged, but hopefully, it won’t be too big of an issue.

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