Living With Blake Lively: 20 Things She Makes Her Kids Do

Almost everyone covets all the details about Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s lives- it’s probably because they appear so perfect but it could also be because they’re so private. Also, they’re both preternaturally gorgeous and it would be a complete curveball if their children grew up to be anything but. Ugh, the pressure- actually, that segues really well into why Reynolds and Lively protect their children from, oh I don’t know, opinionated article writers who totally wouldn’t judge a child but why should they be talking about your baby?

Anyway, besides teasing each other over social media, the couple keeps the details of their family life away from prying eyes. It seems less to be a decision made from feeling self conscience or any shyness, and more about protecting the innocence of their extremely young daughters- a perfectly solid and noble reason to shield a little one. It definitely takes a lot of upkeep for such a famous family to let so little slip about their lives together but if anyone could do it, it’s these two pros. Also, what an uphill battle- it’s so impressive how diligent they are, especially when it seems like they have so much to be proud of in how they’re raising their girls.

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20 They Dress Themselves

via:Growing Your Baby

This might not sound like much, but you know North and Chicago have body doubles somewhere, proofing outfits like mom Kim does. Blake shared that, "They don’t have people dressing [them]. I dress them… I am their personal stylist. They are also their personal stylists.... We were arguing over what shoes [James] gets to wear today,” Lively said.

She wanted to wear jellies, like strappy jellies. And I was like, ‘It’s 20 degrees outside. You can't wear jellies.’ But she loves them... You wear Uggs when it’s 20 degrees, and when it’s warmer you can wear the strappy jellies. So, I put the jellies in my purse, so she could transition into them when she got indoors.”

19 She Lets Them Fail

via:Irish Mirror

Lively’s philosophy on life has little to nothing to do with her Instagrammable experience as an A-list celebrity. It’s a lot more down to earth and honest than that. Lively explained that,

“It should be as celebrated to fail as it is to succeed, because that’s life. That’s always made me the happiest: to follow through with what I feel like I can’t do.”

It’s clear that she and husband Reynolds are already passing on that unflappable determination to their children, either with direct encouragement or never highlighting any prescribed limits that could be put on them in the first place.

18 She Makes Sure They're Close With Their Extended Family

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Family is clearly a high priority on Blake and Ryan’s list of ideals and expectations and they definitely don’t make sacrifices in that department. They don’t just prioritize time with their own family, but also their extended families. The actress is often posting pictures of fun times spent with nieces, nephews, cousins… all the jazz that comes along with already coming from a huge family. Basically the family is super busy but that doesn’t mean they ever scrimp on family time- nuclear or otherwise. It’s so refreshing that her kids see so much more of their grandparents than the red carpet.

17 She Has Them Accept Different Roles In The Family


Lively makes a great point- every kid in a family is the baby sibling if you just keep making more. Lively often jokes about hers and husband Ryan Reynold’s pedigrees as “breeders” and expounded that, “My first child is going to be the oldest sibling to the next kid, and that may change with each and every year. I'm looking forward to how one baby influences the other, and to my family as a whole, to every single chapter." It’s such a beautiful and overarching vision for a family that the new children won’t have missed out on any memories so much as they’re adding to the orchestra that is the many voices in a family.

16 She Lets Them Tease Her

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It’s highly unlikely that Blake and Ryan are the only ones teasing each other- they’re just the only ones in the family old enough to do it in the open-air of social media.

The little ones may not know how to text, but they definitely have a sharp wryness. Lively explained a time when she was leaving her home in an oversized blazer (as fashion icons do) and, “True story: As the elevator closed my daughter yelled after me, 'Oh no mama, you forgot your pants!’ The best families laugh the most and it’s usually at each other- it sounds like Blake and Ryan are right on track.

15 She Keeps Them Responsible


On a television appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, Lively joked that, “I feel like at a year and a half, she’s equipped to be a babysitter. Like, we can go out and go on date night.” This is obviously an exaggeration, but as a child from a huge family (Blake is one of five children) she clearly was raised with a strong element of independence and not waiting around for someone to do something for you. The same goes for Ryan, who’s also from a huge family. And the same goes for her children, even from a young age and it’s honestly awesome.

14 Dad Does The Dirty Work And The Grandparents Are The Nannies


Lively’s family is fairly low-staffed, considering their fame. Reynolds said, "I always do the dirty work… I’m happy to do the dirty work. So does she, but I'm always, I love getting up in the middle of the night… I had one of those mornings, rare mornings, where my daughter just didn't want me to leave—and it was only because my wife was asleep... Your just like, it kills you.” Blake also explained to Australian magazine New Woman,

”My parents are pretty much the nannies! They are the best baby nurses you could pray for. They raised five kids so they know what they are doing.”

13 She Lets Them Make Dietary Choices


Blake Lively is a crazy talented cook but no one in the Reynold’s-Lively family lets anyone get too big for their britches. Or at least not for too long- just long enough to complete something super impressive. Blake shared, "I made a Cookie Monster cake … and she just looked at it and reached for a steak … She was hand-fisting two steaks. Her sleeves were dripping in blood from steak.”

The parents joke that their youngest, Inez, is a Viking and opts for red-meat over like… baby food.

The idea of a baby gnawing on a chunk of meat sounds a little bizarre, but whatever works.

12 She Stops The Media From Dispersing Pictures Of Her Kids


Blake is so impressively vigilant about pictures of her children being dispersed without her permission. This goes against common behavior for most celebrities but honestly, good point, gal. It’s so weird that adults are just taking pictures of your kids for the world.

An unauthorized picture posted by a fan account with quite literally zero followers came into Blake’s attention.

It was a photo of Blake and her daughter going to Martha Stewart’s mansion, as one does. She commented, "“Thank you for your support but please remove this photo right away. It was taken without my knowledge or consent by a man hiding. Thank you!!!!” Sorry @BlakeLivelyFan99, but mama don’t sleep.

11 And Sees It As Symptomatic Of A Larger Problem


Lively really highlights the creepiness of celebrity culture and she clearly won’t stand for it ever affecting her little ones. She further explained her no-tolerance policy for unauthorized pictures of her family- “We appreciate all magazines, Web sites and publications who are standing by protecting the privacy of children and vowing to cut off the supply chain to help end the stalking of children.” As consumers, we so take it for granted but obviously growing up with random strangers pouncing at you to take pictures… takes a toll. That’s a low-key insane thing to have to normalize so it totally makes sense that Blake is a mama bear on the topic.

10 She Doesn't Let Filming Schedules Overlap


It might seem like there’s always a new film coming out starring Blake Lively as a gorgeous woman of mystery or Ryan Reynolds in the “Deadpool” franchise but it’s actually a very measured, staggered process of when they shoot. Sure, the films may come out in a row with firework-like frequency, but months ago when they were being made the couple always make sure one parent was available to stay home with the kids. Blake said that, “We don't work at the same time… We’re here as a fami­ly, then we'll pack up, and I'll go do a couple of movies."

9 She Doesn't Expect Them To Come To Awards Shows


Some high personal accolades withstanding, you won’t see James or little sister Inez at many awards shows, clamped onto their parents' hands and squinting against the glare of photographers' lights late into the night. Sure, they were alongside for Ryan Reynold’s big Hollywood Star Walk unveiling, but that’s not what their typical schedule looks like. Lively examined their unique situation by saying,

“My husband and I chose a profession and a side effect of that is your personal life is public. Our child hasn’t had the opportunity to choose whether or not she wants her personal life to be public or not."

8 She Allows Them To Take Smaller Hollywood Roles


James was featured in the opening seconds of Taylor Swift’s hit, “Gorgeous” and Blake and Ryan had no intention of keeping their cools.

Yes, it was for two seconds but also- what a great job that little girl did. Also, wow is that a huge song. But they’d probably be equally proud if James was a tree in the school play. The two freaked out when they first heard the track in its completion at a Massachusetts amphitheater- full on phones in the air, recording the heck out of the moment and punching the sky. Blake later gushed, "We were very embarrassing. That is the true, unfiltered version of our terrible stage-parent pride.”

7 She Uses The Pronoun "She" In Front Of Them

Blake is endlessly amazed by her husband, and part of it has to do with his self-challenging, inquisitive nature. It also rubs off in how he raises their little girls. Blake introduced her famous spouse to the audience a little more when she said, "But with my husband, I’m lucky to have someone who is so conscious… My husband was like, 'Why do I always say he?; And I said, 'That’s what we’re taught.' So he’ll pick up, like a caterpillar, and instead of saying, 'What’s his name?' he’ll say, 'What’s her name?'. It’s such a small action that a lot of people may turn their noses up at, but it really does matter.

6 And Has Banned Words


It seems like Ryan especially will go out of his way to protect their daughters from sexism and how it attempts to define and limit men and women. This extends to never boxing their girls in-

“Or we’ve joked that my daughter is bossy. But my husband said, 'I don’t ever want to use that word again. You’ve never heard a man called bossy.’

Such a good point, such a small action and such a large consequence. It seems like the only big benefit of fame’s bubble they want for their children is the freedom to be who they choose. And wear cute jackets.

5 She Doesn't Let Them In The Spotlight

via:Business Insider UK

Key point- yes, they’re the children of two super successful actors (and like, icons) who are at the peak of their careers but more than anything, Blake seems super empathetic that her children get to experience the rich variety of life.

She just doesn't want them to live in a bubble where they’re self-centered and take their status for granted.

She shared, “Ryan [Reynolds] had a nice, normal upbringing, and we want our kids to have the same normal life that we had. We don’t ever want to rob them of what we had because then we’d feel really selfish.”

4 But Her Little Ones Will Travel Sometimes


Blake’s babies stay out of the spotlight most of the time, but they’ll go abroad with their parents on some shoots.

The little ones have been spotted in Ireland, which is pretty impressive when you’re still a toddler and wobbling around. Passport at only a few months?

Absolutely necessary in this family. The pictures of the Lively-Reynolds kids abroad are clearly taken by paparazzi, meaning the family is more concerned with not breaking up and remaining a strong unit than flaunting their adorable little ones. By the way- flaunt away if you feel like it. These kids are seriously so cute.

3 And Hang Out On Film Sets


There’s definitely a lot of their parents' movies that the girls don’t see (pretty sure they won’t see “Gossip Girl” until… ever? That show had some seriously creepy twists and it wasn’t Blake’s finest but we all know she’s moved on from that- which, sidenote, is also a very impressive accomplishment to graduate from CW actress to full-on movie star) but there’s also a lot they’re involved with. Mostly, the everyday work of being a successful film actor. It’s so interesting that the kids are kept away from the glamour of the job, which is what most people imagine, and instead see the day to day mechanics of acting for a living.

2 And Snack On Normal Stuff


Judging by Blake’s glowing skin, the entire family eats organic. Probably fruit fresh from the vine which also grows in their beautiful compound. But not always.

Most notably, little James was seen chowing down on a type of British chips (sorry, crisps) while on set with mom, dad and baby sister in Ireland.

The chips are called Lay-to’s and they sound as British as they probably are delicious. The salt is great for a long day of shooting, or watching your crazy gorgeous parents shoot. Or seeing some of the acting and being shepherded into a dressing room to play during the more intense stuff.

1 She Lets Herself Learn


For all the details and tidbits, Blake refuses to limit or define her own parenting style. She said, “I think it’s hard to slap labels on any parents because it’s just so tricky. It’s like every moment you’re figuring out what the heck you’re doing. You think, ‘Ooh, should I be more strict, or should I be more I don’t know, emotional?’ Or whatever it is. If anybody knows how to be a parent, I feel like grandparents really know how to be parents. But parents, you just figure it out as you go. So, I wouldn’t put a label on it.”

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