Living With Ashton Kutcher: 20 Things He Makes His Kids Do

It's hard to pass judgment on celebrity parents. After all, we're given merely a few glimpses into their private lives. And that's if we're lucky. This is especially true for That 70's Show stars Mila Kunis and her husband, Ashton Kutcher. The pair has been notoriously secretive about their experience as parents to their three and one-year-old, Wyatt and Dimitri. This is probably a very smart decision as it's protected them from the leering eyes of the press and fans like us. But Kunis and Kutcher's secrecy hasn't been entirely void of tidbits. In fact, Kutcher has made some pretty intriguing comments about parenting and what he makes his kids do.

One doesn't have to entirely agree with Kutcher's parenting style to appreciate that he's trying his best. Additionally, there's almost always something we can learn from his choices as a father. Or, at least, the choices that he's made public. Perhaps each of us can find a pearl of wisdom in their efforts to raise two well-rounded, empathetic, intelligent, and hard working young people. After all, that's what any of us would want our kids to be. For those who wish to know even more than what's explained here, all the sources are available for you at the bottom of the article.

Without further ado, here are 20 Things That Ashton Kutcher Makes His Kids Do.

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20 Make Their Own Money

Via: Grayfords

Ashton Kutcher has been very clear about his feelings on money.

Both he and Kunis grew up poor. Nowadays, they are known for being world-famous and highly successful actors, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs.

Essentially, they went from having nothing to having a great deal more than most people could make if they had two lifetimes to do so. But Kutcher has been clear that he doesn't want his money affecting his children.

As his children age, they will be expected to make their own money. They will not be able to fall back on their family's fortune unless in a dire circumstance. Kutcher has this rule as he had been adamant about not bringing up spoiled brats.

19 Not Expect Christmas Gifts

Via: youtube.com

Although it took a couple of years for Kutcher and Kunis to come up with this rule, they made headlines for it in 2017. The concept of not giving their children Christmas gifts was something that angered a lot of opinionated parents with nothing better to do.

But Kutcher's reasoning for their decision is pretty sound. He simply doesn't want his children expecting a copious amount of gifts every Christmas. Clearly, he and his wife have the means to spoil their children. But that's not the type of kids he wants to raise.

Instead, they let the grandparents give all the Christmas gifts. If he and Kunis decide one year to give their kids a present on Christmas, it will be a nice treat. Most of the time, they make charitable donations on behalf of their children.

18 Appreciate What They Have

Via: Unsplash

Ashton Kutcher and his family have access to practically everything and anything they could ever want. That's one of the luxuries that money gives a person. But Kutcher has made it clear that he doesn't want his kids taking advantage of this privilege. Instead, he makes sure that they appreciate what they have.

The fact that he and Kunis don't give their children Christmas presents helps them to appreciate the things that they do have. And when they do get a gift, it's all the more meaningful.

This lesson originates from the fact that both Kutcher and Kunis grew up with very little. They appreciated what they had and don't want their children growing up to be typical Hollywood royalty.

17 Make Their Own Decisions About Fame

Keeping their children out of the spotlight is a wise decision for any star. If they didn't, the press would have a field day with everything and anything they could get their hands on. This type of attention corrupts a person on many levels. It's even more harmful to children who deserve to grow up anonymously like any other child. But Kutcher and Kunis plan to have their kids make their own decisions about this once they are old enough to. But now is not the time. They're 1 and 3, after all.

Kutcher and Kunis are not hypocrites. They've remained true to their word. They don't use their children for anything. It's one of the reasons we know so little about them and their parenting styles. Maybe one day we'll know more, should their children decide to walk into the spotlight.

16 Stay Way From The Word "Want"

Via: Us Weekly

Both Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' parenting styles are influenced by their lower-class upbringings. It has made them be extremely cognitive about not bringing up spoiled, entitled children. Kutcher and Kunis both started their careers quite young, so they saw first-hand how money could corrupt those around them. This is why they came up with the idea of keeping their children away from the word, "want".

They have a desire for their children to know that "wants" are not necessary. Instead, they wish their kids would only focus on their "needs".

After all, most people in this world don't get what they want.

15 Not Expect Mommy And Daddy To Be There

Earlier this year, Ashton Kutcher was criticized for his choice to use an electronic crib to help his baby sleep. Kutcher and his wife, Mila Kunis, decided to use the $1500 Snoo Smart Sleeper for Dimitri after bad experiences with their first baby, Wyatt.

The purpose of using this rocking crib was obviously to help the baby get back to sleep on his own. But it also is for him to start learning that his parents won't be around to solve all of his problems for him. Kutcher and Kunis want their children to grow up with a level of independence. And though they are protective over their kids, they don't want to be helicopter parents.

14 Speak Multiple Languages

Via: Time

Kutcher has explained that he was taken back by how much his daughter was able to absorb at such a young age. Her ability to comprehend things that were far beyond her years was nothing short of an opportunity for advanced parenting. It allowed him to encourage her to learn more than one language before the age of two and a half.

Wyatt Kutcher is able to fluently speak English, Spanish, and Russian, the language of her mother's family.

The fact that she already knows these languages will benefit her greatly as she ages. It'll also open up the door for her to learn even more diverse tongues.

13 Stay Away From Sugar

Via: Today Show

Ashton Kutcher is adamant about his children staying away from sugar for as long as possible. Even when his children participate in Easter egg hunts, their treats are healthy and contain no trace of candy. This is because Kutcher and his wife, Mila Kunis, don't want their children to become dependent on the ingredient.

Kutcher doesn't stay away from sugar himself. But that's because he knows how to moderate his intake as an adult. Therefore, it makes sense that he would want to slowly introduce it into his children's lives at a more appropriate age when they can fully understand how bad sugar can be for the body.

12 Take Part In Shabbat Dinner

Via: Jewish Council for Public Affairs

Although the Kutcher/Kunis household celebrates Christmas, Easter, and a number of other Christian holidays, they are predominantly Jewish.

This is because Mila Kunis comes from a fairly observant Jewish lineage. Therefore, it makes sense that she and her husband would want to continue the family's tradition.

This includes the Friday night family dinner, Shabbat. Kutcher makes sure that his daughter participates in the tradition and will do the same for his son once he's old enough. Kunis even explained that she lets her daughter have a sip of wine at the dinner. Not only does this keep in line with Jewish tradition, but it also doesn't demonize the alcoholic beverage, thus creating a healthier relationship with it.

11 Not To Conform To Gender Stereotypes

Ashton Kutcher makes sure that both his son and daughter know that they don't have to conform to gender stereotypes. He explained that he wants his daughter Wyatt to experience a world where her gender doesn't dictate her responsibilities or limit her opportunities as a person. And he feels the exact same way about his son, Dimitri.

Therefore, he makes sure that his daughter has the opportunity to try things that others may not think are for her. This not only broadens her horizons but also gives her the chance to decide what she's into and the type of person she wants to become.

10 Struggle A Little In Life

Via: ABC30 Fresno

Both Kutcher and Kunis' families have had their fair share of struggle. Most of it has had to do with financial worries, but ultimately that is connected to many issues. There's no doubt that these struggles have shaped the people that Kutcher and Kunis are today. That's because true character is only revealed through conflict. It's how we deal with it and move through it.

This is why Kutcher expects his kids to struggle a little bit.

It doesn't necessarily matter what they struggle with, he just wants them to know the feeling. He wants them to build character in these moments and not be reliant on their parents for help.

These experiences will hopefully help Wyatt and Dimitri to develop persistence, work ethic, and passion.

9 Not Expect More Siblings

Two is the absolute maximum amount of children that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis want to have. They've been public about this choice as they don't want to be "outnumbered" by their kids. Therefore, they've made sure that their kids know that they won't be getting any more brothers or sisters. What they have is what they'll have to live with.

It's quite normal for young kids to want more siblings. Even though they don't know how these siblings come to be, they know they want them. But this desire doesn't necessarily fall in line with what the parents want. This is why Kutcher has made it clear that more children are not in the cards.

8 Spend Time With Family On The Weekends

Via: Zimbio

Ashton Kutcher is someone who has a very busy schedule. Not only does he shoot the occasional television show or movie, but he runs various businesses and charities. In fact, his fingers are deeply dug into the business and financial worlds. But that doesn't mean he can't make time for his family.

The way he does this is by blocking off his weekends almost entirely for his family. And he expects that his children do the same.

It's important to Kutcher that his children have strong ties to each other, their mother, and himself. This means that going out and doing things as a family is a necessity. Even staying at home and interacting with each other is a great way to build and maintain connections.

7 Be Kind

Via: Tech2

It sounds slightly pretentious for a celebrity to claim that they expect their children to be kind. After all, most parents would just think that's a given. But when children grow up with immense resources at their disposal, it's supremely easy for them to forget about their manners.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are very aware of the effect of money and opportunity can have on people. Therefore, they've made it obvious that they only want to raise thoughtful, open-minded children who know how to be good to other people. They won't tolerate anything short of this. And though both Wyatt and Dimitri are young, their kindness training can't start early enough.

6 Celebrate Jewish and Christian Holidays

Via: Bustle

The OC may have coined the term "Chrismukkah", but people all around the world have integrated it into their lives.

This is very true of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis who expect their children to celebrate both Christian and Jewish holidays to accommodate both of their religious values and ideologies.

Of course, there is more of a cultural element at play over a religious one, but it's still important to them. The idea here isn't just about continuing family traditions. It's also about being inclusive of different ideologies. Instead of making any of the holidays overtly about spirituality, they're about understanding, family-time, and having fun.

5 Find A Passion And Have An Idea

Via: Fortune 

To Ashton Kutcher, there probably isn't anything more important than encouraging his kids to find a passion. He thinks that it's a necessity for getting through life as well as vital for growth and independence. Since he and Mila Kunis will not be giving their children a trust-fund, they will be required to find something in life that they love that will make them their own money.

Kutcher plans on investing his money in his children's ideas instead of just handing it to them. However, in order to get the cold-hard cash, they will have to create a solid business plan. But before they can even get there, they will need to find something they actually care about.

4 Know That Daddy Isn't Always The "Good Guy"

Ashton Kutcher may seem like an easy-going guy, but he's certainly not always that way with his children. In short, Kutcher isn't afraid of being the "bad guy". In fact, he expects that his kids know that about him.

He wants them to understand that they can't manipulate him just because they're cute and he loves them. Sometimes he has to put his foot down in order for them to learn.

Sometimes parents can be afraid of making their kids unhappy by coming across as "mean". After all, most parents want their kids to like them. But sometimes being "liked" isn't what's important when trying to mold young minds.

3 To Not Believe In The Easter Bunny

Via: Unsplash

There comes a time in every parent's life when they have to explain the reality behind Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Or, at least, one would hope that they tell their kids that these characters aren't real. Nobody likes a thirty-year-old who still expects a big guy in a red coat to come down his chimney on December 25th.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis had mixed feelings about bringing these characters into their children's lives. At first, they were against introducing them to Santa and the Bunny, but they also wanted their kids to have fun with their imaginations.

So, they decided to introduce Santa Claus to their children. But they drew the line at the Easter Bunny. Kutcher claimed that the character was just too hard to explain.

2 To Have Values

Via: Medium

If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything. This is certainly what Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher believe. It's one of the staples of their parenting style. Although both Wyatt and Dimitri are still very young, Kutcher and Kunis have been vocal about the importance of raising them with the right values. This means that they have to find something to take a stand for instead of doing nothing to contribute to society.

Kutcher, himself, is quite passionate about his charities. He's spoken about it on many platforms including private and public functions, talk-shows, and even before Congress. Clearly, Kutcher is someone who "walks-the-walk" instead of just preaching his ideas. He'd make a great role model for his children.

1 To Believe They're Poor

Kutcher and Kunis are adamant about not raising little monsters. This means they want to make sure that their kids don't feel entitled just because their parents have money. This is why they want their children to believe that they're poor. That doesn't mean that they'll have a false perspective on what wealth and poverty is. It simply means that the kids will know that THEY have no money.

Once the kids understand that their perceived wealth is actually their parents' money, they'll be encouraged to go out and make their own living.

This is just one of the ways that Ashton Kutcher is trying to raise his children to be independent, hard-working, and thoughtful.

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