Living With Anne Hathaway: 20 Ways She Parents

Whether you dislike her or absolutely adore her, Anne Hathaway is one of the biggest and most talented actors around. And as of 2016, she's also one of the most famous mothers in the world. She had her first child with long-time husband, Adam Shulman. Ever since, she's been constantly asked about her child, as well as her parenting style. But Hathaway has been pretty quiet about this part of her life. This is somewhat understandable given the fact that the rest of her is so out in the open for everyone to absorb. She does need some privacy, right? But this doesn't mean that everything about her parenting choices, skills, and lifestyle is shrouded by the clouds of mystery.

In order to feed readers' appetites for all-things Anne Hathway and celebrity-parenting, we have searched the web for information about her powers as a parent. On this list, you will find an assortment of her tips, as well as details of her mission as a mom of one and maybe, one day, more. Some of these entries might help parents with their own parenting decisions, while others may just be entertaining. Without further ado, here are 20 Ways Anne Hathaway Parents.

20 She Loves Her Child Fiercely

Back in 2013, the Dark Night Rises actor spoke with Vogue about the possibility of having children. At this time, she wasn't ready to be a mom but was wanting to be one. In fact, she wanted to be a mother since she was the age of 16. And she always knew that she would love her family fiercely, even if that meant putting other things at risk. She never wanted to be a mother that wasn't all-in on her children and family. Now that Anne Hathaway has a child, she has proven that she has lived up to this wish she had back in 2013.

19 Feeding Schedules Are Incredibly Important

When speaking with Good Morning America, Anne Hathaway admitted that she couldn't answer a couple basic questions about the beginning of the film that she was promoting. The film was Alice Through The Looking Glass, which was a sequel where Hathaway reprised her role as the White Queen. The reason why she couldn't answer questions about the beginning of the film was that she had to leave the movie screening in order to feed her baby. Her child was on a very strict feeding schedule that nothing could interrupt. Not even the premiere of a big Hollywood movie.

18 She's Happy To Show Off Her Mom-Status

When Anne Hathaway was speaking to Good Morning America a couple of years ago, she was questioned about how she announced that she was pregnant to the world. Although there was some speculation about Hathaway's pregnancy, she avoided events and the public eye for the vast majority of the time she was pregnant. And then, one day, she let everyone know via a bikini photograph on her social media that elegantly showed off her very pregnant stomach. After this, she was very present at events and showed her pregnancy curves off to the world.

Her explanation for this was because she wanted to be proud of what it meant to be a mom-in-waiting and didn't want the paparazzi to take her voice away. She told her truth when she was ready to. And ever since then, she's been a proud momma.

17 She Doesn't Let "Mommy Guilt" Get To Her

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Back in 2017, Anne Hathaway was speaking to ELLE and said, "When [my son] Johnny was a week old and I was holding him and I was in the ninth level of ecstasy, I just all of a sudden thought, 'Mommy guilt is invented nonsense." She continued, "We're encouraged to judge each other, but we should be turning our focus to the people and institutions who should be supporting us and currently aren't."

Essentially, Hathaway is saying that moms are often under a lot of pressure to be perfect. And she knows that being a perfect mom is pretty much impossible. Especially since the idea of perfection is abstract and unique to each individual. What's important is to try one's utmost best and not let others guilt you.

16 Her Entire Soul Is Committed To Parenting

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Earlier, we spoke about how Anne Hathaway is keen on making sure the world knows that she loves her children fiercely. But that was before she had a son. After she did, she mentioned that she felt a distinctive shift. This was while she was speaking on behalf of the UN Women to the United Nations on the importance of paid leave for both mothers and fathers. She told the audience, “I remember the indescribable — and as I understand it universal — the experience of holding my week-old son and feeling my priorities change on a cellular level.” This tells us that the entirety of Hathaway's soul is utterly committed to her job as a mother.

15 She Shares The Load With Her Husband

Share the load. It's a heavy burden. That was essentially what Anne Hathaway was saying when she was addressing the United Nations last year. She was speaking about how she involves her husband in much of the parenting activities and how she needs him. She knows that most families can't do the same. Hathaway worries for the mother's who can't have their partners home to help them. This is why she was speaking to the United Nations. And this is what she said, "One week after my son’s birth, I could barely walk. That information landed differently when I was getting to know a human who was completely dependent on my husband and me for everything.”

14 She Wants Her Son To Value His Legacy

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Honoring the past is something that is important to some families. It can be because of love that is felt for the living or passed family members. But it can also be purely out of respect. In the case of Anne Hathaway, it's both. This is why she named her son Jonathan Rosebanks. E! Online found out exactly why Hathaway and her husband chose to name their son this. Apparently, Hathaway's paternal grandfather's name was Roseline, and her hubby's mother's maiden name was Banks. This is why their son has such a peculiar middle name. It honors two important figures in their lives. Therefore, it's easy to believe that Hathaway wants to instill a respect for legacy in her son.

13 She Parents Honestly And With Imperfection

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Parenting with honesty is something that is important to Anne Hathaway. But this is because she has no other choice. She has to be honest with herself about her shortcomings as well as successes. Not everything is going to be great all the time, nor will it be bad. Sometimes it's a combination of both.

While she was releasing a movie called Colossal, she told the press, “We’re all dealing with balance, but I just don’t want to feel guilty.” She continued by saying that she doesn't need to be perfect to be a good mother. Good mothers understand that they aren't perfect and attempt to better themselves.

12 She Keeps Her Son's Life Private

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When Anne Hathaway first had her son, Johnny, she decided to keep his life pretty private. But one day, after she was giving her now-famous speech to the United Nations, she posted an image of her son watching her speaking on the computer. Although it was just an image of the back of his head, she told Jezebel that she felt bad about it. In fact, she claimed that she's highly unlikely to do something like that again. This is because she wants her son to have as much privacy as possible until he's the age where he can make decisions for himself. She doesn't want to invite people into that part of her life even though she did it that one time.

11 She Doesn't Let Her Son's Head Get Too Big

Hathaway opened up about her son's very first birthday party during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This is usually a momentous occasion for parents. And it's especially true for celebrity parents who often have a lot of money to shed on such a party. But this wasn't the case for Hathaway. She said, "We tried to keep it pretty low key, and we kept the theme just rainbows, which is a fun theme because it's hard to go wrong with it."

She then went on by telling Ellen, "But I made the mistake, I went on Pinterest and looked at other people's one-year-old parties. It's not fair what some people do, you know children have party planners, which is definitely not fair. Think about it. They blow it out."

Here we can surmise that even at a young age she doesn't want her child to be in an environment where his head could grow large. She wants him to have as normal of a childhood as possible and not be negatively influenced by fame or finances.

10 She Has Fun With Her Son

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Anne Hathaway is a mom who isn't afraid to have a bit of fun with her child. On his show, Hathaway told Jimmy Fallon about a story that involved taking her son on the slide. She noticed that the other kids weren't going down this slide very fast, so she thought she'd take Johnny down it with her. She said, “But what I hadn’t thought about was physics. So you have a 35-lb child going down, it’s one speed, you have me and my son, it’s like … not 35 lbs., so we just go around the corner and instead of slowing down like the other kids, we speed up.”

Lucky Hathaway stuck the landing and received a huge applause from the other mothers who were watching this take place.

9 She Starts Her Day By Giving Her Son A Simple Check-Up

Being a mother can feel like a really complicated job. And in some respects, it truly is. After all, you are basically managing the entirety of another person's (or people's) life. But Anne Hathaway does her best to simplify things a little bit by starting off her mornings by putting her son, Johnny, through a little check-list. She told Marie Claire that ‘The day begins with a checklist: Is he breathing? Is he healthy? Is he growing? Is he thriving? If I get four yeses it’s really hard to upset my day." 

Hathaway is right. These are really the most important things that a mother should be concerned about. Everything else should take a back seat. Essentially, Hathaway is reminding all parents to relax a bit.

8 She Wants To Inspire By Leading A Happy Life

When you think about it, it's kind of odd that Anne Hathaway has received so much negativity from the public. After all, she has been in an assortment of fantastic movies such as Devil Wears Prada, Interstellar, Les Miserables, The Princess Diaries, Brokeback Mountain, and Rachel Getting Married. She's also incredibly philanthropic, meaning she puts her money where her mouth is. But all of this doesn't stop people from sending her negativity.

Some parents would worry that all of this negativity would drip down onto the kids, but Hathway says that she won't let that happened. She wants to inspire her kids to rise above by leading a happy and healthy lifestyle, regardless of whether or not others approve.

7 She Doesn't Push Gender Stereotypes

Gender stereotypes are just something Anne Hathaway doesn't like not only her son to be subjected to but also the rest of the planet. This topic came up when she was addressing the United Nations last year. The topic had to do with paid leave for fathers who wanted to be at home to help with child raising. She had this to say:

"The assumption and common practice that women and girls look after the home and the family is a stubborn and very real stereotype that not only discriminates against women but limits men's participation and connection within the family and society. Why do we continue to undervalue fathers and overburden mothers? Paid parental leave is not about taking days off work. It's about creating the freedom to define roles, to choose how to invest time and to establish new positive cycles of behavior."

6 Her Deep Satisfaction Allows Her To Parent Effectively

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In an interview, Anne Hathaway explained that for a very long time she wasn't finding her center. And because of this, she wasn't ready to raise a child. She went on to say, "I just wasn’t feeling satisfied by the other stuff. It was too stressful and kept me at a distance from things that I loved… I think I was searching like everybody for greater peace". But before she had her son, she was able to find this inner peace and this allowed her to be ready to bring a child into the world.

Hathaway uses her own inner-satisfaction to guide her through the often wavy waters of being a parent. It keeps her balanced, humble, and available for her child.

5 She Encourages Herself and Her Son With Optimism

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While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Interstellar star spoke about how she uses optimism to guide her own life and simultaneously inspire her child. This is important since a lot of mothers have a difficult time keeping their head above water when dealing with the daily struggles of parenting.

Hathaway told DeGeneres that she let her optimism build up the confidence to go to the gym and work out with whatever weights her body felt comfortable doing, even though she had just given birth. She also explained that she wants her son to understand that he can only go as far as his body and mind will allow him on any given day. And how building confidence through optimism will get him to great places.

4 She Loves Using A Baby Carrier

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The image above tells us a couple of things about actor Anne Hathaway's parenting style. First of all, as we know from a previous entry, she is more than happy to let her husband do some of the parenting and take care of some parental obligations. Here we see that he is the one wearing the baby carrier, which is something that Hathaway likes to use.

Most moms who use it like the carrier because it means they don't have to push their baby around all of the time. It also keeps their child close to them and allows them to feel the warmth of their bodies. Additionally, it can build a stronger connection between mother and child. Or, in this case, father and child.

3 She Lets Her Extended Family Help Her

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After Anne Hathaway had Johnny with her husband, Adam, The Christian Post was contacted by an inside source who informed them on a few of the inner workings of the family's day-to-day. One of the most notable things they were told was the fact that both Anne and her husband were thrilled to receive some help from extended family members. In particular, both of their parents were around a lot to help Anne and Adam deal with their new responsibility.

Accepting help from others, particularly well-liked family members, can make all the difference when parenting. Anne is teaching all parents a good lesson by doing this.

2 She Understands That Motherhood Isn't Normal

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There have been several instances where Anne Hathaway has come right out and said that motherhood (as well as fatherhood) isn't all that normal. It changes lifestyles forever, even ones that seemed pretty set in stone. Plus, it can be a constant state of chaos, since so many things could go wrong as well as emotions are usually running high. This is one of the reasons why she spoke to the United Nations about paid leave for both mothers and fathers around the globe.

When speaking about it, she spoke about how in her own country offers 12 weeks of unpaid leave for mothers. Given the fact that becoming a parent creates such a drastic shift (in both the short and long term), it's unfair that parents are forced to adjust quickly without being given a cent.

1 She Doesn't Let Her Parenting Conflict With Other Passions

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Hathaway is one of those lucky people who are able to have pretty good control over her life. She recognizes how fortunate she has been, but also knows that she had to work for it. This wasn't always the case for her. But she encourages all parents to still chase their passions even though they are still responsible for having kids.

In her own life, she doesn't let her immense love for her son and her responsibility as a mother get in the way of her passion for acting. She does her best to work her filming and publicity schedule around her obligations as a mom as much as she possibly can. Just because she is a mother, doesn't mean that she has to completely lose her other identity. She can be both. And she can be more without compromising her sacred duty as a mother.

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