Living The Mom Life: 20 Ways It Sort Of Gets Better

The mom life is full of its ups and downs. If there is one thing moms can count on is that as soon as they get used to how it is today, it will change tomorrow. The question is: does it get better? Of course, we could argue both sides. Regardless of what side each mom falls on, it's important to remember each stage, no matter how hair-raising it may seem, because it won't come around again.

If we spend all of the mom life waiting for this age or that stage, we will miss a whole lot in between. And with each and every new stage, may we learn to walk into the big wide open adventure instead of away from the rough trail of the stage we are leaving behind. In a nutshell, may we learn to walk towards things and not away from them.

So yes, the mom life becomes different but easier in many ways. Probably the main way it improves is by the child being able to communicate and use the toilet, which also means you are losing your tiny newborn and unpredictable toddler. Love each stage; it could all be different next week. That stage will be awesome and fun and incredible and scary and weird and awkward, too.

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20 Genuine Expression Of Emotions

Via: Tender Years

There are those first few genuine expressions of emotion that come after toddlerhood that catch any momma off guard. It could be anything from a card they made in school to an out-of-the-blue admission of his love for you. It is enough to make us melt and flashback to the memories of the screaming, thrashing, and uncontrollable tantrums on the grocery store floor as the method of genuine expression of emotion, as explained by Kids Health. In that aspect, yes, because her little one has learned how to use crayons, words, and handfuls of other ways to genuinely express emotions, the mom life has gotten better.

19 Bon Appétit

Via: Guyvorce

As kids get older, it is important that they start to take care of themselves. According to Essential Kids, depending on their age, they can grab juice boxes, fruits, cheeses, meats, fruit bars, granola bars and more to snack on. It’s a huge feat preparing three meals and snacks for them (someone has to poke the hole in the juice box or peel the orange) and being on an on-demand milk delivery system. If it were between scrambling an egg for your four-year-old or having to get in touch with the word “latching” regarding if the mom life gets better, the answer is pretty clear.

18 Mom Is The World’s Greatest Magician

Via People Magazine

According to the Huffington Post, if we really think about it, we conceive (yes, with an important piece of the puzzle from Dad) a cell that divides and grows and becomes a baby. Then it grows, and our body nourishes it, feeds it, protects it, and takes care of it for nine months. Then we birth the baby, which is nothing short of miraculous! We go on to feed it from our own body. From that one tiny cell and time and food and nurturing, a person emerges. That is some America’s Got Talent material, right there. Move over David Blaine.

17 We Know Victoria’s Secret

Via: Real Monster

Babies are eventually going to give us back ownership of our breasts. Or maybe they already have. That is a big deal. We aren’t just a milk truck. Maybe they are painful or cracked or don’t look the way we remember; they have been through a lot. They need some TLC, explains WebMD. As soon as possible, we need to buy a new pretty undergarment from a store that has nothing to do with babies. It’s about being able to separate our roles as women. We are functional and utilitarian but we are also beautiful and feminine. We have cracked nipples, but they’re decked out in lace now!

16 Overwhelming Pride

Via: Kristen Hewitt

Every once in a while, all of us are put into situations where we have opportunities to show our character—our true, real, deep down character. Our kids are no different. Every once in a while, we get these glimpses of our kids, and we seem the not as extensions of us, but as their own beings, as per the Washington Post. If we are lucky, we will occasionally catch them not doing the “right thing,” but rather doing the “above and beyond, sacrificial and compassionate thing.” On a day when we catch a glimpse of that character and morality, it is a day when the mom life gets easier.

15 Free Agency Friendships

Via: Bustle

Mom friends: they’re just the mom of a kid that goes to the same school as our kid. We can find one anywhere: the Girl Scout crowd, PTA, fellow soccer moms. Virtually any group we want. The point is, mom friends are really great to have, specifically one whose child goes to our child’s school and is interested in the same things our little one is, explains Working Mother. A mom friend can do carpools; she can be a sounding board and vice versa. We all have friends we have collected from all over the place our whole life. But finding an awesome mom friend definitely makes the mom life better

14 Paint The Town Red

Via: Pinterest

Once the kids are old enough to stay with a sitter or Dad for a few hours, one of the first things all women want to do—after sleep— is taking on girl’s night out, says Parents. It seems they tend to end early, and everyone is tired. They all feel uncomfortable in the hair, makeup, dress, and shoes, and miss their pajamas and old tees. They may act silly and regret all the time and effort they put into the evening, realizing they would have had way more fun if they just met at someone’s house and watched a movie. Maybe as our kids grow up, we do, too.

13 Are We Free Thursday At One?

Via: Metro Parent

Playdates are one of the best inventions ever. To be honest, it is kind of weird, there has to be an invention for kids to get together and play for younger preschool-aged kids, though it is a great idea for many reasons. According to Education, instead of piling activity after activity on our little tots, play dates allow them to go to just one area, meet up with their friends and immerse themselves in play time. It is also a huge stress buster for the parents. Play dates allow for no more worrying if they have their shoes for soccer, or shakers for music, or mat for yoga.

12 We’ve Got His Back

Via: Arizona Daily Star

When this whole parent thing starts, it is really easy to differentiate between who is the child and who is the adult. Then, one day we realize that we have secretly kind of become teammates with our kids. In agreement with Modern Mom, obviously, we’re still the mom, but we’ve got that kid’s back like no other. Of course, we are never going to let our kid in on that, but secretly, if someone comes near our kid, we’ll destroy them!

11 Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Via: Picbear

As our children get a little older, we actually have the time while they are napping, at a play date, or busy otherwise, to get some housework done. As noted by Working Mother, having a clean kitchen or folded clean laundry put away, or cleans sheets and vacuumed floors where the babies play can make a huge difference in how we feel and how the house looks. Picking one or two chores that really are important to us and focusing on them during our kid-free time will help us feel accomplished instead of doing a little bit of everything.

10 Overflowing Or Breaking

Via: Viraland

This seems to be the crux of why it is so hard for parents to easily let their children go into the world alone so young. It isn’t a lack of faith in the child. Or if it is, they probably wouldn’t say so. We are so so proud of our babies and our hearts overflow with love, pride, joy and faith in them and their future. As Scary Mommy says “ that overflowing feels a lot like breaking.” It is difficult for us to tell the difference. We are working on it.

9 Sweet Dreams As Made For Moms

Via: Videoblocks

Yeah, our kids still get up at 6 AM every morning. However, it’s better than 3 AM breastfeeding sessions, right? Plus, most kids eat a quick breakfast and have some moderate reading or screen time in the mornings. It can be a struggle to get everyone in bed asleep. By the time mom finishes up her work and gets to lay down, it is usually pretty late. Dad has been asleep for a few hours. We get more sleep, as discussed by The Military Wife and Mom. We don’t get eight hours, though. What would a person who slept 8+ hours per night be like anyway? Teenagers? People without kids don’t even sleep that much! So, yes, one way the mom life gets better is sweet, sweet sleep

8 Spread Those Wings And Fly

Via: Pinterest

As kids begin to grow, sometimes it is difficult to know if we are babying them and holding them back, or if we are pushing them too hard and too fast before they are ready. Essential Kids states, “they are capable of complexity, of deep empathy and concern for their world and are no longer ruled by the mercurial forces of baby and toddlerhood. They can read and write independently and we no longer need to do everything for them.

Finding that fine line is the hard part. Thankfully, we can start off with small tasks and see how those are handled before we work up to the bigger ones.

7 Everyone Uses The Toilet

Via: PB+J Babes

This has got to be the most obvious reason for how the mom life gets better. Scary Mommy agrees with us on this one. Who wouldn’t? No mom can tell you she has made it through all the diaper years without traumatic experiences. There might even be support groups for diaper trauma. In all seriousness, aside from what it is, think about how often we have to change our babies.

What about how bad for the environment diapers are? For those of us who haven’t jumped on the cloth diaper train yet, that is a concern. Also, think of the expense and a pain of having to carry them around everywhere we go for 2 or 3 years. Then there are the wipes and creams, and rashes. You get the point. When the diaper stage ends, a lot of grief goes with it.

6 Shhh… Don’t Wake The Kids

Via: VideoBlocks

When children start sleeping, Mom and Dad can finally have some time together again. So maybe that means catching up with their fave series on Netflix or cooking a late-night dinner together. Perhaps they are serious gamers or love to catch up on housework as a team. Maybe they are trying a vintage wine, as per Babble. What they do is a whole lot less important than the fact that they are doing it together. Unless they are doing that one thing and baby is soon going to be a big brother. Then the mom life isn’t getting any easier anytime soon.

5 We Can Go Without Someone Watching?

Via: Elite Readers

Before kids, “bladder shy” was a term in most of our dictionaries. Is there a mommy out there who can go without an audience now? Fingers work their way under the door or send toilet paper spinning off the roll. Oh, and then when they can talk and begin giving commentary... let’s not forget that. At some point, we just have to laugh, but come on! She is just out of reach, and talks and talks and talks, and we can’t relax. , Circle of Moms can relate: if we shut her outside the door, she shoves her finger under it and says we forgot her and it hurt her feelings.

4 Independent And Opinionated

Via: Pinterest

This is the way that a mom slowly realizes life is getting better. It starts really subtly, maybe even as far back as when baby starts holding his own bottle, turning the pages of a book, reaching for things, and of course crawling, walking, having food likes and dislikes… we get the point, right? According to Essential Kids, because it starts so early, we barely even notice that a completely independent, opinionated, person with likes and dislikes and preferences is emerging. It is so incredible to watch. It will feel unbelievable that our baby isn’t just a carbon copy.

3 Let’s Get Physical

Via: The Bump

A lot of women are very eager to get back to—or start going to—a gym, or exercising as soon as cleared by their doctor. It is a wonderful way to not only get back into shape but to get out of the house while burning off what little extra energy we have and start getting our body into a routine. Plus, we get to enjoy those endorphins from working out. Many women start implementing lifelong health and fitness goals during this time period. Also, according to Fit Pregnancy, exercising and taking care of herself can really help her body heal and be back into shape faster than a woman who isn’t including exercise in her routine.

2 Mom Looks Different These Days

Via: Pinterest

As kids grow, change, learn, and become individuals, it’s hard not to realize that we are growing, learning and changing right along with them. Like RedTri says, it’s also hard to not realize that our own moms went through all of this with us. It can be a time in our life when we are able to bond with our maternal figures in a strong and powerful way. Any point along the parenting road makes bonding pretty easy. It is so simple to look into our child’s eyes and see our mom—or vice versa. Can you look at either one of them and not feel thankful for the other one?

1 Repeat The Process

Via: Fiveprime

Every moment from birth onward gets easier and harder. It’s a total contradiction, but still true. The distance and time of some difficulties that we swore we would never survive don’t seem so bad. All the while, we know the sharp sting of newness the next hurdle will bring is out there waiting. We won’t even remember it in a month. It seems parenthood will always be that way. However, the mom life is incredible. There will be a day when our child reaches his little hand to hold ours, says Everyday Health. That day is when the mom life is amazing.

My advice: stop waiting for it to get better and live in the moment.

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