Disney Is Making A 'Live Action' Version Of 'Lilo And Stitch'

Lilo and stitch

It's really hard to narrow it down to ONE favorite Disney movie. But if we had to try, Lilo and Stitch would definitely be a contender for the top spot. The adventurous tale of an unlikely friendship between an adorably mischievous alien and a little Hawaiian girl who needs a lot of love is quite possibly the perfect movie.

While it isn't anywhere near Disney's top-grossing film, it made quite the splash when it was released in 2002. Lilo isn't your typical leading heroine/princess that we're used to seeing in Disney movies. And it showcased a different kind of family than we were used to seeing (Lilo's sister acts as her guardian after their parents died). But it's seriously such a fun movie. So when we learned that Lilo and Stitch would be the next Disney movie to get the live-action treatment, we were thrilled!

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Disney has been all about the live-action remakes lately. They did Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, and Cinderella. There are quite a few in the pipeline too; Lion King, Dumbo, Mulan, Aladdin, and Lady and the Tramp are all gearing up for release or are currently in production.

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The live-action version of Lilo and Stitch is slated to be produced by the same team in charge of the live-action Aladdin, which stars Will Smith as Genie. In the live-action version, Stitch and his genetic lab friends will be created with the use of CGI, which should give them a really cool, lifelike appearance. No details have been released about the casting of the human parts, but we can't wait to see what talent they uncover in their search.

Now, we also don't know if this live-action version is being made for theatrical release. In 2019, Disney is set to launch their very own streaming service. It'll be a Disney-centric version of Netflix or HBO Go (which is why Disney is in the process of pulling their titles from streaming services). The live-action version of Lady and the Tramp is set to make its debut on the streaming network when is comes out. Maybe Lilo and Stitch will be joining the canine pals? Only time will tell!

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