Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Yum Yum Yummy Food

Introducing kids to new foods doesn't have to be difficult. It's important that children of all ages get to try new and different foods — and even foods that they maybe didn't like when they first tried them — to help kids learn about all the different tastes and textures different foods have. Baby John and his family are doing blind taste tests with a variety of different foods to teach the children just how fun it can be to try something new!

Mommy and Daddy have set out a table filled with a variety of different foods including sweets, fruits and vegetables, and the children are each taking a turn wearing a blindfold to see if they can tell what they're eating from just a simple taste. Big brother Jack is the first to wear the blindfold. Mommy gives him a piece of cheese, and while at first Jack seems a bit surprised by the taste, he quickly realizes that he's eaten something salty. Mommy confirms when she shows him the salty piece of cheese.

Big sister Jill is next and Mommy puts a piece of green kiwi fruit in her mouth. The taste surprises Jill as she exclaims, "ew, so sour!" before sharing a piece with Baby John. The fruit does have a sour taste, but both Jill and Baby John enjoy it. It's Baby John's turn next as he wears the blindfold while Mommy gives him a bite of a yummy cookie. Baby John says the cookie is "mmm, sweet!" Daddy takes his turn as Mommy gives him a piece of grapefruit, which Daddy calls "bitter and sour." The grapefruit does have a strong taste, but Daddy seems to enjoy it.

The whole family then sits down as shares the different foods, while trying a variety of others. This is a great video for kids of all ages because not only is it entertaining and fun to watch, but it shows kids that it can be a lot of fun to try new things! Not every child loves to try new foods and will often stick to the same few things, but maybe after watching Baby John and his family have so much fun doing blind taste tests, your child will want to try it too!

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