Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Yum Yum Spaghetti

Children love to pretend to be chefs and cook in the kitchen, often imitating how they see their parents cook. They love to use their imagination as they pretend to shop, prepare and cook elaborate meals fit for the entire family! When Little Angel's Baby John's brother Jack and Sister Jill take to their play kitchen to play chef, Baby John can't wait to join in too!

Mommy is making some pasta, so Jill asks if she can have some and before long, Baby John is devouring a yummy spaghetti dish! He's a little messy though, so Jack and Jill sing a song to their little brother to teach him all about table manners. Jill shows Baby John how to use a fork to eat spaghetti, but his face is already covered in sauce!

Jack shows Baby John how to use a napkin to clean up any spills or messes that are made while eating dinner. Next up, Jill uses pretend vegetables, salt and pepper and some water to make a pretend soup for Baby John to try! She shows Baby John how to hold a spoon the proper way to make sure he doesn't spill any of his delicious vegetable soup. She also reminds her baby brother to use his table manners, never slurping his soup and saying "excuse me" if he burps.

Jack has another course for Baby John, and this time it's a pretend hamburger and french fries! Baby John is very excited to try this food, but Jack reminds him once again of table manners. He tells Baby John how important it is to eat with his mouth closed as that's the polite thing to do. He also reminds Baby John that it's not polite to drool when eating either!

When Baby John is served bananas for dessert, Jill reminds him that foods that may appear too big to eat can be cut into smaller pieces using a fork to make perfect, bite-sized pieces. Not only does Baby John have a fun day while his brother and sister play chef, but he also learns valuable lessons on table manners that any child can appreciate! Playing in the kitchen can be fun, but it's always important to remember your manners!

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