Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Yes Yes Playground Song

Children of all ages love to watch videos on YouTube, and Little Angel: Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs is a great channel that features the adventures of Baby John and his friends and family. Baby John is a sweet little boy who loves to do things like go to the toy store and the amusement park and your child will love to go on those adventures with him! The videos are fun and colorful and perfect for kids of all ages.

Baby John's latest adventure brings him to the playground with his mom where they get to enjoy a nice day out together. After helping Baby John put on his shoes, which are very important to wear at the playground, his mother helps protect his skin from the sun by applying sunscreen. Baby John is almost ready to play when his mom notices the sun is in his eyes, so she promptly places a wide-brimmed hat on his head.

Baby John and his mom are now ready to take on the playground, but Baby John seems a bit scared. He doesn't want to swing on the swings or climb in the tube. He doesn't even want to ride on the ducky or go on the seesaw. Baby John's mom assures him that she is there to help him and he promptly slides down the tube slide before running eagerly to the swings.

Baby John also learns that it's more fun to play at the playground with a friend than it is to play alone. He tries to swing on the swings all by himself but quickly learns that having a mommy around to push you is definitely more fun. Once he realizes that the playground is more fun with someone to play with he starts to have the time of his life and even rides the merry-go-round with his mom pushing it.

Your little one will love to watch Baby John as he explores the neighborhood playground and may even recognize some of the fun activities from their own local playground. Kids can sing along as Baby John learns to be brave and enjoy his day at the park with his mom.

Kids can sing along as Baby John learns to be brave and enjoy his day at the park with his mom.

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